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Crash Tested: Motorcycle Jeans That Saved My Skin And Bones

May 01, 2019

On a normal day during October 2018 I was knocked down by a very large truck (17.5 tonne). I’m just pleased I’m able to tell this story myself as perhaps not many people might be lucky enough to do that.

Truck Pulled Into Lane

I had 17,5 ton recovery truck pulled into my lane and went down. I did slide perhaps 9 meters in a low speed. I did have quite a big bash on the head. Due to head trauma and stress I was unable to create new memories so after the accident I had to take good care of myself.

Biker lying on his back on the ground after an accident

This driver did lose its ability to drive after this accident  and had to do a course to get it back. This case is still in disputed as they don’t want to take liability. They even lied how the accident happened and withheld information.

Biker lying on the ground after an accident without helmet
The truck and driver who hit the biker

It’s Your Life. Do Some Research

You never really want to crash but it’s something you got to dress for. Thankfully I did some research and spend my money on good gear which saved both my skin and bones.

Ripped PANDO MOTO jeans cut after the crash by medics

The clothes I choose to wear might look like casual street wear, but they are made with Kevlar and other tough materials durable enough to withstand an impact like I had.

Gear I wore on the day:

  • Helmet: Bell moto 3
  • Trousers: Rosie Devil Plain by Pando Moto
  • Goggles: Moto 2.0 by Biltwell
  • Jacket: Sarina ladies by Held
  • Shoes: Blend by TCX
  • Gloves: Hadleigh by Knox
Gear that saved the life of a girl biker

Ambulance Driver: Impressed With The Jeans

The ambulance driver had to cut all the gear off and even they were amazed how well made my clothing were. If they weren’t cut, you wouldn’t have noticed any tears in Rosie Devil Plain jeans.

It was disheartening getting them cut but knew I didn’t have much choice at the time and was very pleased to hear the ambulance drivers saying these jeans saved my skin and bones. They mentioned they like seeing bikers in leather but they were actually quite impressed with these denim ones. I did have a good run in them. They were just a year old, done multiple washes (never used softener) and just over 5000 miles before the accident

I definitely had made the right choice of wearing these Pando jeans on my bike that morning.

Safety On The Road

Please… whatever you might think about us riders. Keep your personal feelings aside and look out for us in traffic. And definitely don’t text and drive even if you’re late or bored!

I’m just pleased my 3 children still have got a mother they can cuddle and argue with.

Biker Lei pictured with his friend on her bike

A story by Lei

Got a crash story of your own?

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