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Crash Tested: a 20-meter slide without a single scratch

July 02, 2024

When someone hears “Harley Davidson”, vivid images of roaring motorcycles and a sense of freedom, adventure, and power often come to mind. Robert, the hero of our story, embodies this spirit. An experienced rider, whose trips once included unforeseen circumstances.

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, and Robert was out riding his bike home through the streets of Vilnius. He was enjoying his peace amidst the city bustle after a busy day of work. But all of a sudden, a car’s driver decided to interrupt that peace. The driver started switching lanes and didn’t notice Robert, cutting him off. The car bumped into his Harley-Davidson bike and blocked any possibility for Robert to safely steer away without falling off. To avoid the collision, Robert’s first instinct was to quickly steer his wheel to the right and hit the brakes, but it was already too late. The motorcycle had already started falling to the opposite side! “The bike fell on the left side, and we both slid on the concrete for about 20 meters” – Robert said, recalling his fall.

After the accident, a finger on his right hand was hurt, and his left elbow suffered a little as well. Even though Robert was the target of unfortunate circumstances due to an inadequate decision by the car’s driver, thankfully, he was saved from severe injuries by wearing a pair of Pando Moto jeans. “Glad I was wearing them” – said Robert, expressing his gratitude. When sharing the pictures after the accident, Robert added that he was left without a single scratch on his legs! “As you can see in the pictures, not even a scratch. Only skid marks on my Karl Devil 9 jeans.

If anyone is still unfamiliar, Karl Devil 9 jeans are made of an especially flexible CORDURA® jeans fabric, along with COOLMAX® technology. The model is approved according to CE standards, has an AA rating, and features a lining made of thick interlock-knit DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers.

We are happy to be able to provide the protection every rider needs on the road, and we thank Robert for sharing his story with us. A new pair of jeans is already on its way! This story is just another reminder to every motorcyclist that you can never underestimate the importance of a suitable and safe outfit.

If you had your life saved by PANDO, don‘t hesitate to share your story with us and inspire other riders to care about their safety by investing in professional motorcycle gear and apparel.

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