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Learn more about Pando Moto’s business model and the steps we take in marketing, sales and production to achieve our goal of becoming and upkeeping the status of a successful business.

How Much Do Motorcycles Cost? (Average Prices)

What’s the average on motorcycle prices, and what can you expect to pay for a brand-new vs used motorcycle? Entry level motorcycles cost between $3,000 – $5,000, the mid-range is around $7,000 – $10,000, and the higher end motorcycle costs vary between $12,000 and $20,000. Used motorcycles can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000 and … Continued

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The Honda Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Honda brand is easy – it’s the biggest motorcycles company in the world, it has decades of excellent motorcycle production under its belt, and it makes some of the most dependable and recognizable motorcycles ever ridden. The hard part is choosing which Honda motorcycle to buy – there are so many! Fortunately, this … Continued

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Top Tips for Beginner Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riding is a double-edged sword – for all the fun and freedom, beginner motorcyclists will also need to understand the risks and responsibilities involved. We’d like to share some beginner motorcycle tips that will help you have tons of fun while keeping yourself and others safe. Best Motorcycle Options for Beginner Motorcyclists Almost every … Continued

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Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders in 2022

A motorcycle is more than just a vehicle and its owner does more than just ride it. Bikers form special bonds with their bikes and with one another, so motorcycle gifts are a surefire way to put a smile on their face. Picking the best gifts for motorcycle riders can be hard, but we can … Continued

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Best Motorcycle Accessories For Motorcycle Riders in 2022

A big part of the fun we all have riding our bikes is perfecting them with the right motorcycle accessories. Whether it’s chrome pipes and flashy rims or cargo space for a journey around the world, choosing the best motorcycle accessories is how we make our bikes our own. But with so much to choose … Continued

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Top Motorcycle Pants for Women

When it comes to women’s motorcycle apparel and especially motorcycle pants for women, the choices out there are still somewhat limited. However, with brands finally catching up to the growing community of female riders, women’s motorcycle jeans aren’t as hard to find as it was just a few years ago. But what exactly should you … Continued

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Top Motogear Buying Tips

Many people like wearing motogear without even owning a motorcycle as it looks cool. Riding gear has been attached to bikers and tough looks throughout history. Think about the classic true men motorcycle jacket – which today is still an iconic style piece for anyone who wears it. We all know that motorcycle riding gear … Continued

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Top Tips for Riding Motorcycle in Winter

Winter is always a bit of a pain for riders. Motorcyclists are severely aware and affected by all the seasons. Riding a motorcycle in winter means that you can experience firsthand every single blow of chilly wind, as you are in the weather, so it affects us a lot more than any other commuter. But … Continued

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