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Best Motorcycle Accessories For Motorcycle Riders in 2022

March 08, 2022
man with a motorcycle and motorcycle accessories

A big part of the fun we all have riding our bikes is perfecting them with the right motorcycle accessories. Whether it’s chrome pipes and flashy rims or cargo space for a journey around the world, choosing the best motorcycle accessories is how we make our bikes our own.

But with so much to choose from, it can be hard to figure out the right parts and accessories for you. Fortunately, we can help with that.

Best Motorcycle Accessories Based on Your Motorcycle

Street/naked accessories

man with motorcycle accessories
  • Urban security: Bikes like these are often ridden around town, so make sure you can really lock it up securely when it’s parked. Start with disk locks and chains and work your way up.
  • Everyday comfort: These bikes are a popular choice for commuters or other daily riders. If you’re gonna ride it often, it makes sense to spend those hours in the saddle comfortably. Replacement seats, grips, handlebars and pegs can all change how you feel on your bike.
  • Traffic safety: If you’re going to ride often in the city, you’ll want a lot out of your gear. Top-notch protection is key because city riding can get hairy at times. Comfortable fit and breathability since you’ll be wearing the gear often. And don’t underestimate the importance of style – who wants to pop in to the local cafe or the office looking like an astronaut? Try a sleek black leather jacket instead.


cruiser type motorcycles and two young men with motorcycle accessories
  • Classic style: Cruisers have a unique look and lifestyle all their own, so putting together a good outfit is half the fun. Biker accessories like black leather jackets and vests, leather boots, patches, and other types of premium gear are a must! And that goes for your bike as well. Spiked handlebars? Chromed-out bits? Let your imagination soar. Harley Davidson accessories contain tons of good-looking and well-made pieces that you’ll love no matter what bike you ride (but it’ll help if it’s a Harley).
  • Travel comfort: Cruisers are great for long group rides or trips with a pillion rider. Either way, you’ll want to equip yourself to go the distance. Comfortable seats, cargo space, wind fairings, handguards and handlebar vibration dampeners are just a few ways to make your ride more comfortable. Many leading cruiser manufacturers offer additional parts and accessories for their bikes. Indian motorcycle accessories in particular include a wide assortment and some beautiful options.
  • Secure your pride and joy: You might feel safer when riding with a group, but if you invest a lot into your bike, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t get messed with. Make sure you boost your security with locks and other tools.

Sports bike

Sports bike motorcycle accessories
  • Optimal handling: Sports bikes are all about the art of riding, so some of your most important accessories may be the ones that improve handling. Handlebars and handlebar grips, fairings, and footpegs are just a few accessories that can improve how you handle your bike. And that’s before going into performance parts like engine, drive chain, or suspension tuning, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.
  • Safety performance: At higher speeds, you need the best safety gear you can get. Abrasion-resistant leather safety gear is a must, and make sure it has tough plastic sliders. These are especially essential on your gloves. And don’t forget comfort. You don’t want to develop an itch, cramp or blister while pushing your performance machine to the limit.
  • Specialty racing accessories: You’ll get the most out of your sports bike by taking it to a racing track to safely unlock its full potential. As you get more serious about racing, things like tire warmers, engine monitors, and motorcycle trailers may come into play.


man with adventure and touring motorcycle accessories
  • Comfort is key: Touring bikes are all about covering long distances and enjoying the trip, so comfort is one of your top priorities. Seat upgrades, handguards, footpegs (including additional footpegs for full leg extension) can be a good place to start. You can also extend the length of your travel season by getting heated grips, heated gloves, or heat pad inserts for your jacket or pants. Most touring bikes will probably have boxes or bags for your stuff, but if they don’t – get them!
  • Gear that goes the distance: You need to wear gear that keeps you safe and comfortable and can keep up with you. Get a full set of gear with a membrane to keep dry, but keep a waterproof coverall in your bags for when it really comes down. Zip-out insulation inserts are a plus. We suggest going for premium gear that won’t fail you in the middle of a long-distance journey. There’s nothing that can ruin a trip like a big hole ripping open in your crotch!
  • Travel assistance: There are lots of unique motorcycle accessories made just for long-distance journeys. You can get a tank bag with a clear top insert for maps, but make sure you have an all-weather holder for your smartphone or GPS as well. Others can include an easy-access travel bag to pay for tolls or to keep a traveler’s pocket dictionary!

Dual sport

  • Adapt to your environment: Depending on how much time you plan to spend offroad, you may want to equip your bike to optimize for certain obstacles. There are lots of dirt bike accessories out there that can serve you well. Different motorcycle tires are better for sand, gravel, mud and other surfaces. Handguards are always a good idea but will be essential for woodland tracks where your fists might get battered by branches. In rocky terrain, skid plates and radiator guards are a must. If you’re riding in a desert, leave the rainproof gear at home and bring something that will breathe or protect you from the hot sun.
  • Premium protection: Unless you’re a dedicated offroader, you will probably need a premium set of gear that keeps you safe on and off the road. It needs to protect you at highway speeds but also let you breathe when your body starts working hard offroad. It’s a good idea if it keeps you dry if you get caught by the rain. Dual sport or adventure boots will combine anti-abrasive properties with strong foot, ankle and shin protection in case you put your foot down in front of a rock or a log.
  • Self-sufficiency: If you go offroad, it can be hard for help to reach you if something goes wrong. An expanded tool kit handy can help perform temporary repairs to get you back to a road where you can call for a mechanic. Ropes or ratchet straps can help stand a motorcycle up or drag it out of the mud if you or your buddies get stuck. 

Best Motorcycle Accessories