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Men's Motorcycle Gloves

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High quality motorcycle gloves made for riders, by riders

At PANDO MOTO riders are at the center of what we do. Our protective motorcycle riding gloves were designed to be subtly stylish without compromising on comfort or safety. It’s what sets them apart from other types of motorcycle glove for sale on the market.

Designed for durability and comfort

Made of premium cowhide or goatskin leather, these men’s motorcycle gloves are ergonomically designed with pre-curved fingers. Some have elastic inserts between each digit, the seams are double stitched and gloves are fastened using a low profile, adjustable hook and loop system.

Leather is a durable material that has been used to create gloves for aviators and motorcycling enthusiasts for decades. It has natural insulating properties that help keep your hands warm and protected during cold rides in winter weather. The clever incorporation of perforations into the design adds a cooling effect that keeps you comfortable in warmer weather as well. As a result, these are true 4 season gloves that happen to come in a range of colors, including brown, gray and black leather.

Within the realm of men’s motorcycle gloves, one size does not fit all. With sizes from XXS through to XXXL you will be able to find the right motorcycle glove size for your hands. Before you buy, simply check out the easy to use sizing guide on our online store.

Safety is paramount

The PANDO MOTO leather gloves may be the coolest motorcycle gloves on the market, but that doesn’t mean there has been any compromise on safety.

Palms are considered high impact areas so a PU slider, abrasion resistant suede and leather padding have been incorporated into the design. Padding protection has also been added to each finger and the knuckles are covered by flexible guards made of durable TPU plastic.

Each design is CE Certified Level 1 (EN 13594:2015) meaning it complies with regulations set down by the European Union.
Functional in the ways you need

In our increasingly connected world, smartphones and GPS systems have become a must-have tool for many motorcycle riders. Despite the classically stylish look of the PANDO MOTO gloves, this modern convenience has been taken into consideration and a touchscreen-compatible fabric has been incorporated into the tip of the index finger and thumb.

The short cuff style means the gloves can be comfortably worn with any style of long sleeve riding top. Whether it’s a classic all-leather motorcycle jacket, slick trucker style offering or casual CORDURA® denim shirt, the gloves are going to look and feel great.
Shop for the ultimate fusion of style and safety in mens motorcycle gloves
PANDO MOTO was created to offer premium motorcycle apparel that balanced looks with safety.

These European designed leather gloves were engineered using high quality materials and smart technology to create an innovative product for the right price. Browse our online store to find the style that suits your look and enhance your riding experience with a pair of men’s motorcycle gloves you trust.


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