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1 out of 2 Bike Riders crash

Officially certified gear for AA class CE 17092-3 PPE (70 km/h speed)

Abrasion resistance test Passed
Seams strength test Passed
Tear strength test Passed
Impact absorption test Passed
Other required tests Passed

Pando Ace

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Pando Ace is a global, invite-only pro-staff community of bikers and enthusiasts who like to look good, and are passionate about the newest technologies in Motorcycling and who just love sharing their stories and tips and tricks with others.

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Crashes worth the scars and memories. If you crash with your PandoMoto jeans and tell us a compelling story, we are going to send you a pair of new ones.

Pando Moto reviews

“ Camo isn’t usually my deal, but it’s subtle enough here that I actually like the aesthetic. And while the jacket isn’t overly heavy, it does have a great, robust feel to it. “

“ Pando Moto have caused a stir on the Shed shop floor with their stunning M65 protective jacked made from Jacquard Dyneema canvas that provides protection that's stronger than steel and water repellent. “

“ Has Pando Moto made the best riding jeans ever? At this point in our riding careers the answer is yes. Riding pants that fit well and hold up to miles of abuse in all kinds of weather are hard to find. “

“ I wore the Karl Devils for four days straight, slept in them on planes (and once, briefly, in a Colorado Springs motel bed), and rode hundreds of miles in them on two very different motorcycles “

“ Buy these jeans, y'all. They look fantastic, they fit well (sizing is accurate), and I can personally attest that they will literally save your skin in a crash. Yes, they are pricey, but such is the reality of good gear. “

“ My Pando Moto Karl Indigo jeans smell like the inside of a garbage can at this point. My fiancé gets especially annoyed when I wear them at home because she cannot believe they are just as comfortable as my super-hero lounge sweats. “

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