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Black Denim Wash

It takes months to develop a unique and extraordinary denim wash recipe, details play a huge part here. Every piece is handmade by talented denim artisans. We provide you with sustainable fashion - eco friendly processes were use to develop this twisted look with little harm to the environment.
We take pride in what we do, and we say it with some confidence - this will be the best pair of jeans you ever laid your eyes on.

Black Line


Instagram @pandomoto

Knee armor, stretch panels on knees and back, reflective cuffs and design to look more than okay.
Introducing the latest Pando SS’18 Riding Gear Collection that even James Bond would be envy of! Get yours shipped for free @pandomoto
@Two.wheels.empire and #Motochef motorcycles are proudly protected by Pando Moto M65 jacket and Steel Black pants. And just look at that custom BMW... Gorgeous isn't it?⠀
Be crazy, but don’t be stupid. That’s why we believe in cut-to-the-bone safe design. Our gear is made of world’s strongest materials like Dyneema, Cordura or Kevlar and reinforces with KNOX armour. Stay safe on your ride!
Glad to have some coverage in Netherlands @motoplusnl thumbs up to @ptmotorsport #motorcycle #amsterdam #pandomoto #caferacer #kevlarjeans #motorsport
How do you like Matt’s (@two.wheels.empire ) latest BMW #K100 build? Here is what he had to say about Pando: “Never have I ever owned a more comfortable and good-luckin riding gear than this. I’ve literally tested and ridden dozens of different of different jackets and pants and Pando is by far my favorite. I feel protected, comfy on and off the bike, and it just looks great. Attention to detail is next to nothing! Highly recommended!!! Rock on Pando!”
Introducing the game-changing Pando Moto Steel Black Jeans. Honestly, you won't ever ride with a more pleasing pair of motorcycle denim than these. Made of @thedyneemaproject denim - 15 times stronger then steel and yet so light (floats ok the water). Made to last here in Europe.
Shop now @pandomoto
Great shot from @iamtonymetheny wearing Karl Devil tapered slim fit jeans #pandomoto
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