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Being riders ourselves, we had an irresistible urge to create something that would tick all the boxes at once – the gear that is comfortable, functional, safe, and doesn’t lack its undeniable style. We start our design process by understanding the needs of a rider, listening to your voice, evaluating personal observations, your feedback, and only then we create. We combine your experience and our knowledge to achieve the quality we are proud of. This is our understanding of the right way, the part of our DNA, and we undoubtedly follow the process of creating gear engineered by riders.


When it comes to a passion for and devotion to two-wheelers and style, it’s hard to find a story as compelling as this one. It all started with our founder’s grandfather – a hard-headed motorcycle enthusiast who, back in the days when motorcycles were hard-acquired commodities, was already grinding the streets with his good old B.S.A B30.


It all started in our 32 sq.m. office just above the Harley Davidson shop. It was the beginning of something special, something we are proud to remember and share.

Along with that, the collaboration with the Harley Davidson Baltic kicked off and never ended.


The whole team had expanded in a couple of years, and PANDO MOTO had evolved into a mature motorcycle gear brand.


The first steps towards gaining worldwide brand awareness. 2014 EICMA show in Milan was a springboard towards international expansion. Sleepless nights, tons of coffee, and joy for success!


It took tremendous effort for our first single-layer collection made of Dyneema® to be born, but we made it, and we couldn’t be prouder!


With our new collection we took our first steps in Asian markets: China, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea.


Kicked off our collaboration with ZERO Motorcycles EMEA.


PANDO MOTO rebirth. New logo, new looks, new beginnings.

Who We Are

PANDO MOTO was born in the minds of passionate motorcyclists who couldn’t find a balance between looking good and feeling safe. So, we made one.

Since 2011, we have evolved into a premium motorcycle clothing brand, fusing European design and engineering with smart, safe technology. We follow the creation process of our gear from top to bottom, to assure the quality level we guarantee to deliver. Being passionate about this industry and listening to all the two-wheelers, riders, and Pando Aces, we can ensure that our high-performance protective gear does the hard work, so you can focus on what matters.

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