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Our crashes are different. They aren’t the baby slide into some soft gravel. They aren’t the leisurely cruise into a grassy run-off. You won’t see any guardrails, air fences, or safety nets. PANDO MOTO crashes are more like a runaway train meets oncoming traffic and if makes people wonder if strapping themselves to a two-wheeled iron beast was really a good idea in the first place.

We think so, and we’re among the few that stand up for the unbridled authenticity of being a street rider. Others don’t want that association but we do. So much so, we consider ourselves outspoken supporters and leaders of the cause. We take this message wherever we can, and plan on pushing our beliefs and spreading that mission one race at a time. We can’t always be there, because one day, it’ll be just you and the asphalt and you want to know that someone has your back.

To honor these road warriors as the PANDO MOTO crash and burn researchers, we present Lifetime warranty. It’s a small contribution for these people that have met pavement skin first and know why they call it road burn. If you’ve got into a road accident wearing PANDO MOTO gear, send us your detailed story and some pics with your mailing address and we’ll replace your damaged gear with the same new one (or equivalent if we won’t have it anymore).

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