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Blog Category: Crash Tested

Find out how Pando Moto Motorcycle Jeans can save your skin from serious injuries and bruises in various accidents on the road.

Crash Story: Careless Driver vs Pando Moto KarlDo Kev

Juozas Piekuras has been riding motorcycles since 2008. However, even fourteen years of riding experience can’t protect you from careless drivers – and in situations like that, you need to be able to trust your gear. Juozas was riding his Ducati Monster 696 down a main road when a car turned in an intersection without … Continued

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Crash Tested: Dyneema® Clothes Test vs. Truck

As motorcycle riders, we know that no matter how expertly we ride and how well we handle the bike, we cannot control the traffic and the other drivers around us. We also know we’ve got to stay alert and ride defensively, and most of the time, that’s what gets us home safely – but every … Continued

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Crash Tested: Kusari Kev jeans test Vs. Highway 1:0

As motorcycle riders, we know full well that accidents can – and do – happen even if we ride defensively and assume that we are invisible. Careless car drivers, distracted commuters, and busy highway travelers often forget to look out for us, and no matter how skilled we are as riders, sometimes we just can’t … Continued

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Crash Tested: Gabriel with Karl Desert Jeans

Every rider has a different story of how they got into motorcycling, and we all have our own unique paths we take to get us on two wheels. Some of us begin at a young age, others get into bikes later, but it’s the shared passion for motorcycles that unites us all. Gabriel, a rider … Continued

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Crash Tested: STEEL BLACK 9 Jeans vs. Minivan

We all know those perfect days when the weather is just right, the road is calling, and we’re gearing up for a ride. There’s nothing like that awesome feeling of swinging your leg over the saddle, getting out of your driveway, and hitting that open road with nothing but the blue skies above and wind … Continued

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Crash Tested: Karl Devil 9 Jeans

Shortly after starting to ride motorcycles, Risto started developing a real passion for them. He was getting used to long road rides, and simply couldn’t wait to take his Ducati Monster on the track and have some real fun with it. After his first day, Risto was already feeling pretty confident on the track, he … Continued

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Crash Tested: Women’s Kusari Black Jeans

Enelin’s accident happened a bit out of town on the roundabout when it was still light outside. “Speed limit was 70km/h and I was approaching the roundabout at about 40km/h, planning to go straight across. A car came from the right and it did not notice me and drove onto the roundabout. I hit the … Continued

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Crash Tested: Boss Black 9 Motorcycle Jeans

“…the extremely slippery surface kicked my front tire out from under me. I landed on my side with my Bonneville right next to me…” Meet Eigintas – bar owner, co-founder of a motorcycle repair and restoration shop Riverside Projects, and a proud Pando Moto ambassador. A lucky one! Not too long ago, Eigintas had a close encounter … Continued

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Crash Tested: Pando Moto Jeans vs Antelope

“I was riding at the speed limit, 120km/h with my hand on the brakes. There was no one in sight, my eyes were wide open, only for an antelope to cross the road in front of me seconds later…” Meet Sébastien, a guy who loves travels and adventures – even more so when they include … Continued

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