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Category: Crash Tested

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Crash Tested: Gabriel with Karl Desert Jeans

15 October, 2020

Every rider has a different story of how they got into motorcycling, and we all have our own unique paths… Read more

Bike crash

Crash Tested: STEEL BLACK 9 Jeans vs. Minivan

23 September, 2020

We all know those perfect days when the weather is just right, the road is calling, and we’re gearing up… Read more

Crash Tested: Karl Devil 9 Jeans

23 July, 2020

Shortly after starting to ride motorcycles, Risto started developing a real passion for them. He was getting used to long… Read more

Crash Tested: Women’s Kusari Black Jeans

Crash Tested: Women’s Kusari Black Jeans

19 March, 2020

Enelin’s accident happened a bit out of town on the roundabout when it was still light outside. “Speed limit was… Read more

Boss Black 9 Motorcycle Jeans Crash Tested

Crash Tested: Boss Black 9 Motorcycle Jeans

12 September, 2019

“...the extremely slippery surface kicked my front tire out from under me. I landed on my side with my Bonneville… Read more

Crash Tested: Motorcycle Jeans That Saved My Skin And Bones

01 May, 2019

On a normal day during October 2018 I was knocked down by a very large truck (17.5 tonne). I’m just… Read more

Crash Test: Pando Moto Jeans vs Antelope

Crash Tested: Pando Moto Jeans vs Antelope

02 January, 2019

“I was riding at the speed limit, 120km/h with my hand on the brakes. There was no one in sight,… Read more

Crash Tested: Boss 105 Jeans Review By Chris Cope

Crash Tested: Boss 105 Jeans Review By Chris Cope

08 March, 2018

“What are those? Aerostich?” That’s the question a number of my fellow moto-journalists asked when examining the jeans I had… Read more

Boss 105 Indigo Crash review

Crash Tested: Boss 105 Indigo

03 April, 2017

Just wanted to let you know that you'll be getting a great review from me. The attached photo shows the… Read more

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