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Crash Tested: Pando Moto Jeans vs Antelope

January 02, 2019
Crash Test: Pando Moto Jeans vs Antelope

“I was riding at the speed limit, 120km/h with my hand on the brakes. There was no one in sight, my eyes were wide open, only for an antelope to cross the road in front of me seconds later…”

Meet Sébastien, a guy who loves travels and adventures – even more so when they include two wheels and a roaring motor. And while road tripping Vietnam or gazing down cloud-towering peaks in Norway sound exhilarating and unforgettable enough, there is one trip surely stands out in Seb’s memory. He tells us:

“I had time off from work to take before the end of the year, and I was hungry for an adventure but wasn’t sure where to go. After some thinking, I decided to go on a solo motorcycle road trip in South Africa.”

ATGATT: All The Gear, All The Time

After making up his mind, Seb started researching blogs, forums, and travel agency tours to plan the perfect trip. He was looking for the best sightseeing spots, best roads, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. It only took him a couple of sleepless nights, but he had it all mapped out: he’s leave from Cape Town and take the Garden Route to Drakensberg, do some hiking there, and head back.

While he was laying out the route for his unforgettable adventure, Seb came across this shared rule for riding in South Africa: “It is called ATGATT, meaning “all the gear, all the time.” He continues:

“I had the hiking gear. But the motorcycle gear needed a bit of an upgrade, especially in the trousers department. I remembered seeing a pair of Pando Moto Karl Devil jeans on a friend of mine and thought they looked pretty sweet, so I ordered them in a heartbeat. A few days later, the jeans had arrived and I was ready to go.”

Twisty Dirt Roads