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7 Wild Tips For Winter Motorcycle Riding

January 16, 2019
7 Wild Tips For Winter Motorcycle Riding

As everybody is waiting for the winter to end, Bella, on the contrary, is embracing the cold weather and is sharing her TOP 7 tips of how to enjoy winter like a real biker!

Winter Riding Is As Old As Motorcycles

Winter motorcycle riding is nothing new, in fact, it’s probably as old as motorcycles themselves. However, was an idea that just clicked to me while I was sitting in my house near Bologna, Italy. That time I was contemplating about the end of the riding season and the plans for the winter that was arriving.

My Yellow SV650

Bella on her yellow Suzuki SV650 posing in the field
7 Wild Tips For Winter Motorcycle Riding

For the first time since I moved to Europe, I was going to be riding my yellow Sv650 all winter long, or at least until it was possible and safe to do so.

It was crucial to me that winter motorcycle riding would factor into this experience, as the vehicle and ultimate goal of the challenge is to give both the frame and the means to endure, and even enjoy winter riding, for those to whom it was both inconceivable yet desirable. A challenge was placed, waiting for us to rise up to the occasion.

That’s when The Winter Biker movement was born. Winter rides by myself and with other fearless enthusiasts let me to notice 7 crucial points of winter riding!

7 Tips To Enjoy Winter Rides

  1. Visibility is key

    Maintain you helmet visor clean and fog free by installing a pinlock and cleaning it with running water. Avoid scrubbing, as the salt and dirt will scratch your visor, making it cloudy.

  2. Gear up

    Use light, moisture wicking thermal layers and remember to protect fingers and toes from going numb.

  3. Let the engine warm up before the ride

    Oil gets thicker in the cold and takes longer to move around the engine. So let the bike warm up a bit before revving it.

  4. Actively search for ice, snow and dirt

    In winter there are a lot of dangers lurking on the road, and we really need to search for them. Be aware where are you putting your from wheel.

  5. Accelerate and break more gently than usual

    Grip is reduced so you are your own traction control!

  6. Avoid leaning the bike too much

    A good practice is to work more with the upper body to keep the bike straighter during turns. It will maximize your footprint and your available grip.

  7. Keep your bike clean!

    Salt, grime, dust and general winter dirt can accumulate and cause rust and corrosion. A quick wash with water every few days to a week should do the trick!

Watch video for more winter riding tricks:

Winter Biker Challenge: A Movement For Personal Growth

By placing the ability to ride during winter as the goal, the entire path towards and beyond this goal lies open to those who participate, transforming our passion for motorcycling into the driving force behind this movement. A movement for personal growth: becoming more, becoming a better version of ourselves. And a movement for mental and physical fortitude: unlocking mental and physical resilience.

Be Part Of The Adventures!

On December 23rd 2018 we announced the official Winter Biker Challenge day, and shared the experience with the international motorcycle community with the #winterbikerchallenge hashtag and concentrating the community’s contributions on the dedicated instagram gallery at @winterbikerchallenge.

We set out to explore, experience and enjoy the winter world on our two wheels. And as the majority of the northern hemisphere motorcycling community was going into the traditional winter hiatus, we ride even more.