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Blog Year: 2019

Back on track – EICMA 2019

As always, Back on Track was a hardcore 7-day hike, but there is no rest for the wicked Once again, we decided to participate in the world’s biggest two-wheel event. That’s right; I’m talking about EICMA! Although it was the 4th year in a row that we participated in, it still had its unique spin, like all … Continued

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Stylmartin X Pando Moto: The Ride Continues

Safety. Strength. Style. Pando Moto gear and Stylmartin boots have it all and look effortlessly great together. Throw them on, jump on your bike, and get ready to conquer the world around you. Life is limitless and so are our abilities. The frames we set are only in our head – we are worth more, … Continued

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Ambitious European Motorcycle Gear Brand On

Pando Moto – European and Ambitious Motorcycle Gear Brand on All enthusiasts of any kind have their own shopping meccas: electronics geeks swarm the halls of Micro Center while streetwear fans worship at the altar of Supreme. If you’re at all into motorcycles, chances are your shrine is under the address RevZilla is … Continued

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Top 10 Motorcycle Jeans Of 2019 – HiConsumption Review

Whenever you head out to cruise the countryside on your favorite two-wheeled steed, it’s always a great idea to throw on some safety gear beforehand. Not only does this enhance your riding experience, overall, but it also ensures that you’ll have at least a little bit of a barrier between your precious skin and the blacktop, … Continued

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Pando Moto Boss Black 9 & Kusari, jeans per lui e per lei

Pando Moto propone due Jeans con omologazione CE per uomo e donna, il Boss Black 9 dal taglio slim fit ed il Kusari, decisamente skinny. Due jeans dai volumi asciutti e dalle caratteristiche tecniche evolute. Il Boss Black 9 da uomo è realizzato in cordura per garantire alta resistenza all’abrasione, mentre il Kusari, dedicato alle … Continued

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Protective Motorcycle Jeans for Style and Safety

Trying to find the right pair of protective motorcycle jeans to ride in can be quite difficult, especially if you want to achieve decent levels of safety, comfort, and style. Pando Moto claims to have the answer to this problem. They produce a range of men’s and women’s jeans (and other clothing) to meet your needs … Continued

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Crash Tested: Boss Black 9 Motorcycle Jeans

“…the extremely slippery surface kicked my front tire out from under me. I landed on my side with my Bonneville right next to me…” Meet Eigintas – bar owner, co-founder of a motorcycle repair and restoration shop Riverside Projects, and a proud Pando Moto ambassador. A lucky one! Not too long ago, Eigintas had a close encounter … Continued

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RS a testé | le pantalon Kevlar® Boss Black 9 Pando Moto

Il est vrai que l’offre, en matière d’équipement moto homme, est assez large et variée aujourd’hui, mais allier sécurité et style, n’est pas toujours évident ! C’est pourquoi je tenais à vous parler de la marque Pando Moto qui a su trouver ce compromis dans la confection de leur gamme de vêtements moto. J’ai pu tester et … Continued

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Low.B a testé | le pantalon Kevlar® Kusari Pando Moto

C’est souvent difficile, pour nous les femmes, de trouver des équipements de moto alliant sécurité, confort et style. J’ai eu récemment le plaisir d’essayer le pantalon Kusari en Kevlar® de la marque Pando Moto, et j’ai été très agréablement surprise ! Je vous explique tout … La sécurité avant tout. Parce qu’un beau pantalon de moto c’est bien, … Continued

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