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Our Protective Motorcycle Gear Technology

Safety shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. It should go unsaid, working hard behind the scenes as you burn rubber.

1 out of 2 motorcycle riders experiences a bike crash while commuting.

Our products are made of state-of-the-art materials and are officially CE approved (EN 17092) and can withstand up to 92 meters slide distance or 6.7 seconds sliding time.

Abrasion Resistance

CE approved PPE under EN 17092

All our products are CE officially approved PPE under EN 17092 safety by European commission approved body.

Abrasion resistance test

Darmstadt method. This test simulates the stress that is placed on the protective garments when worn by an average rider with a body mass of 75kg and a height of 1.75m when sliding from variable initial speeds to a standstill on a real concrete road surface. To pass, no holes with an opening of 5mm or more in any direction are to be present on the layer closest to the body.

Strength of seams test

Three test pieces of each seam, including all layers of materials from the garment present in the stitching, are tested. The seam strength is calculated by dividing the braking force by the length of the tested seam.

Tear strength test

Six ‘trouser leg’ type specimens are taken from each garment’s material and are torn apart using a standard tensile test machine. Materials shall be tested in two directions – warp and weft.

Impact absorption test

Elbow, shoulder, knee, and hip impact protectors are to be present in Class AAA and AA garments as a mandatory requirement, with the hip protectors being optional in Class A garments. Impact protectors must be positioned in the garment to cover the appropriate body part, according to the relevant impact protector standard. Class B garments are designed to provide the equivalent abrasion protection but without the inclusion of impact protectors.

Other required tests

• Dimensional stability test
• Fit and ergonomics
• Garment restraint

Testing zones


This fabric is a combination of new generation UltraHigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and spandex, where both yarns are woven together providing the fabric extra elasticity and strength. It has unique abrasion and cut resisting features and is lighter than regular UHMWPE. Primarily used in military and law enforcement equipment, this technology became available for motorcycle and bicycle apparel applications and is now also employed by PANDO MOTO for the production of our base-layer products.


From the battlefield to the dirt road comes Aramid. It was first introduced in the military landscape to control the wrath of bullets and knives. Just imagine what technology of this caliber can do for you on the road. PANDO MOTO utilizes DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber-based Aramid fabric. Our double-layer Aramid has been engineered to deliver the highest possible performance, fused with the power of CORDURA® denim to deliver incomparable friction resistance.


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is the secret that fuels this garment’s power. Dyneema® is the world’s toughest fiber material. How can something so lightweight be 15 times stronger than steel? That’s for us to know, and you to enjoy. Fiber is vastly used across the industrial landscape, from moving buildings to stabilizing oil rigs and even stopping bullets. Today, this industrial power is fused into the very fibers of our products. Safety can never be pushed too far, which is why we’ve engineered a clothing line that brings safety and style together as one.


ARMALITH® is made by assembling cotton fiber with UHMWPE fiber, until now only used in space, military and offshore applications. This exclusive technology produces genuine denim with a core framework that gives it the mechanical qualities of leather.
ARMALITH® is resistant to abrasion, snagging and tearing and provides exceptional comfort in all seasons.


They are designed to help hard-working jeans last longer than traditional cotton denim. CORDURA® DENIM is engineered with an intimate blend of military-grade INVISTA T420 nylon 6,6 staple fiber and cotton for an authentic denim look and feel with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness.

Crash Stories

CE approved PPE under EN 17092

Contemporary, high-tech motorcycle gear is a must for serious riders. That’s why we fuse the latest textile technologies with urban riding culture and European standards EN 17092 (PROTECTION ZONING SYSTEM).


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