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Crash Tested: Boss Black 9 Motorcycle Jeans

September 12, 2019
Boss Black 9 Motorcycle Jeans Crash Tested

“…the extremely slippery surface kicked my front tire out from under me. I landed on my side with my Bonneville right next to me…”

Meet Eigintas – bar owner, co-founder of a motorcycle repair and restoration shop Riverside Projects, and a proud Pando Moto ambassador. A lucky one!

Not too long ago, Eigintas had a close encounter with the cold, hard asphalt of Lithuanian roads, and learned what important role motorcycle clothing plays in protecting you during the ride. But let’s start from the beginning.

Eigintas has been into classic cars and bikes since 14 years old when parents gave him a busted cabriolet and he decided to fix it up by himself. Fast-forward a couple of decades; Eigintas is now a hardcore motorcycle fan eager to relate his professional life to his hobby.

Two wheels is Eigintas’ preferred choice for travel. That’s why he didn’t have to think twice about taking a newly built Triumph Bonneville T100 for a spin on a short weekend trip. The ride there was smooth sailing. Unfortunately, upon his return, Eigintas hit some heavy rain. He tells us:

“I was heading back home and it was raining the entire time, probably for three hours straight. I was crossing this little town – Jurbarkas – and decided to stop for gas.

For some reason, I pushed my front brakes a little too hard, and the extremely slippery surface kicked my front tire out from under me. Me and Bonnie ended up sliding down the road for about 10 meters…”

Obviously, not the situation you want to find yourself in: you’re wet, lying on the ground, your bike is bruised… But! The cool thing is that Eigintas was wearing Pando Moto Boss Black 9 motorcycle jeans and M65 Camo motorcycle jacket. As he puts it:

“It held up better than the aluminium on my bike! I’ve been riding with Pando Moto gear for two or three years now, and it barely left any marks.”

If Eigintas’ story proves anything, it’s that you shouldn’t compromise between safety and style.

Made from 12oz CORDURA® super-stretch denim, DuPont™ Kevlar® yarn lining, and fitted with KNOX® Micro Lock knee armour, these Pando Moto jeans are undestroyable. All Pando Moto jeans are CE approved too, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Story by Eigintas @eigintas_alek, photos by @twosidesphotography

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