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Crash Tested: SKIN UH 2 armored base layer

January 31, 2024

One minute you’re riding in the streets on your motorcycle on a hot summer’s day and the other you’re flying to the ground. Let us tell you what happened in between these moments.

Most of us like to ride after a full day’s work, to clear our head or enjoy the feeling that the motorcycle gives us. A motorcycle is not a simple transportation vehicle that only takes you from point A to point B – we have cars for that. It’s a pleasure. A feeling you get nowhere else. A feeling with many risks. That’s why the motorcycle isn’t just a simple choice. The hero of today’s story too, chose to ride on that specific day but did not know that it would end like it did.

“On June 2023, a hot summer night, I was riding a Yamaha MT09 motorcycle in the city, there was just a little traffic. I reached the intersection and after the light turned green, I continued driving in the left lane.” – tells the main character in today‘s story. We bet you already know where this is going. “After a while, something hit me from the left side, a sports car was trying to overtake me by squeezing between the motorcycle and the roadside. It hit me, causing me and the bike to fall over.”

Regardless, the crash happened when the car accidentally hit the motorcycle‘s handlebar while it was going at a relatively high speed. It doesn‘t take much for an accident. “I fell off the motorcycle while driving at about 50-70 km/h. The motorcycle continued to slide, the crash pads allowed it to slide for 100-200 meters, and I was sliding on my left side towards the roadside”. Even though it was hard to comprehend what just happened, the hero of today‘s story knew, he was fine when he went up to his motorcycle to turn it off. “I stood up and checked that all my limbs were in place and checked for any visible fractures. I went towards the motorcycle to turn it off.”

That day, the warrior of this story was wearing PANDO motorcycle apparel, which prevented more serious traumas. “I was wearing PANDO MOTO armored base layer, motorcycle jeans, and a level 2 chest-spine protector. The PANDO apparel worked not only as a base layer and a great solution for hot days but also helped to recover from an accident without serious damage or burnt skin.”

During the crash, the clothing and protection wear was mostly damaged on its left side. The left arm on which the hero slid after the crash, to be exact. The jeans, helmet, and gloves were only faintly scratched. “All I had was a slightly torn PANDO base layer, worn-out shoes, pants, and a helmet. PANDO saved me from serious injury.”

Only the day after the crash, after all the adrenaline was out of the system and he went to the doctors did he learn that aside from all the bruising, he also had 3 fractured ribs. “In addition to skin abrasions on my left arm, it turned out that I had broken three ribs, but this was only revealed by a doctor the next day”.

We are happy to say that everything ended well and the crash did not stop our hero from enjoying the city streets on his motorcycle. What changed then? Well, he started being more attentive to the rear mirrors and increased elbow protection in case he slides down the asphalt again. Let‘s hope he doesn‘t.

On that day he was wearing PANDO MOTO SHELL UH 02 – armored base layer. As the hero of the story already mentioned, it was the perfect choice for a ride on a hot summer‘s day, since the double mesh fabric is conductive to heat and cools you off. And can you believe that extremely durable power-stretch 65% UHMWPE fabric is 15 times stronger than steel?!


If you had your life saved by PANDO, don‘t hesitate to share your story with us and inspire other riders to care about their safety by investing in professional motorcycle gear and apparel.

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