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Crash Tested: Karl Devil 9 Jeans

July 23, 2020

Shortly after starting to ride motorcycles, Risto started developing a real passion for them. He was getting used to long road rides, and simply couldn’t wait to take his Ducati Monster on the track and have some real fun with it. After his first day, Risto was already feeling pretty confident on the track, he was starting to develop a decent technique, and he simply couldn’t wait to do it all over again. However the second day was very different; Risto arrived on the track full of enthusiasm but unfortunately, he couldn’t foresee what was going to happen. 

Risto on his Ducati Monster wearing Pando Moto Karl Devil jeans

“It was the last session of the day – while going through a wide corner, I could feel the brake lever was starting to give in a bit, but I was able to control the bike and lean through the corner without problems. The next corner was a hairpin, as soon as I touched the brakes, the lever hit the handlebar. There wasn’t any resistance whatsoever, the front wheel quickly locked up and slid out from underneath the bike. I fell on my side and hit my shoulder on the ground first, then banged my head and slid a fair distance away from my bike.”

Most accidents happen in a split second; you know you are going to fall but at that point, there is nothing you can do other than hitting the floor and hoping for the best. That day, Risto broke his collarbone but looking back now, he still considers himself lucky to be able to tell his story. It could have been a lot worse. Thanks also to his positive mindset, Risto made a quick recovery from the accident. He was very keen to get back on his Ducati Monster and start riding again.

“On the day of the accident I was wearing my Pando Moto Karl Devil jeans, I was quite surprised to see that, apart from a small hole near the kneepad, they barely had any scratches on them. It was only later on that I found out that my brake fluid had passed its boiling point, which was probably the cause of the accident. In hindsight, I should really have gotten the bike checked beforehand. So I learnt a very important lesson  – always service the brakes before a track day!”

PANDO MOTO Karl Devil 9 is a slim fit type of jeans giving riders the right balance between comfort and safety, thanks to its 12oz super-stretch Cordura®  denim combined with COOLMAX® technology. KNOX® Micro Lock knee and hip protectors are included, while knee protectors can be put into two positions and are accessible from the outside.

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