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Find out how Pando Moto motorcycle gear is built, what technologies are being used in producing motorcycle jeans, jackets and how they protect riders everyday on the road. As well as, get the information about latest products developed by us.

What is Dyneema®: The Fabric Explained

Have you ever wondered how motorcycle jeans can feel so soft and comfortable yet be highly protective and abrasion-resistant in case of a crash? Motorcycle apparel manufacturers use several different fabrics and combinations of fabrics to achieve this, but one of the most versatile materials used in riding gear is Dyneema® Although it is rarely … Continued

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Coolmax Technology Explained

What in the world is Coolmax, and why should you care? Most people assume motorcycling gear is all about crash protection, but thanks to modern technology and new fabrics, it’s now much more than that. Gone are the days of chunky, thick, and shapeless motorcycle wear with the sole function of crash protection: modern motorcycle … Continued

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The King of Motorcycle Apparel: What Is Kevlar?

Five times stronger than steel, heat-resistant, and surprisingly light: Kevlar has been the undisputed king of protective clothing for decades. You’ve probably heard of bulletproof Kevlar vests or Kevlar motorcycle jeans. But what exactly is Kevlar, how is it made, and why do we use it for motorcycle apparel so often? Kevlar is, essentially, a … Continued

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Protective Motorcycle Gear: Fabrics Explained

Protective motorcycle gear is one of the most hotly debated topics among riders, and for good reason. Leather vs Textile, the best protective motorcycle gear out there, questions about different brands and different gear styles – all of this is constantly on our minds as motorcyclists. We want to feel good and look good while … Continued

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Pando Moto 2020 Collection: Stronger Than Steel

Pando Moto is introducing the 2020 Collection of motorcycle gear featuring a wide range of new items, from high-performance motorcycle jeans and jackets to thermal base layers, accessories, and next-generation motorcycle armor. We are also debuting jeans with Cordura® mesh panels to offer even more airflow during hot weather months. Following the same design philosophy … Continued

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Pando Moto Jeans Have Style And Safety

Trying to find the right pair of jeans to ride in can be quite difficult, especially if you want to achieve decent levels of safety, comfort, and style. Pando Moto claim to have the answer to this problem. They produce a range of men and women’s jeans (and other clothing) to meet your needs – unless … Continued

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Take Your Business Meeting To The Next Level

When Form And Function Come Together Seamlessly, Style Is Effortless Let’s Talk About Business Meetings Business meetings are happening without any location restrictions. We want to have a remote meeting with YOU and share some insights on how to ride to a business meeting safely, comfortably and in style. Here are a few key-points on … Continued

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Why CE Approved Gear Is A Must For Every Rider?

A lot of us have experienced this scenario when you step into a motorcycle clothing shop looking for a perfect outfit that would make you look even cooler than you already do, and should be comfortable when you are riding your bike, as well to be sure that your outfit should also protect your body. … Continued

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When Quality And Comfort Perfectly Fit Together

Stylmartin And Pando Moto Collaboration During our trip to Thailand, we met Jerome Tan – a guy who doesn’t like the rules: he quit university about 7 years ago and had no money and no connections. He never had a job in his life and now he is a successful owner of 5 different businesses … Continued

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