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Pando Moto 2020 Collection: Stronger Than Steel

Pando Moto is introducing the 2020 Collection of motorcycle gear featuring a wide range of new items, from high-performance motorcycle jeans and jackets to thermal base layers, accessories, and next-generation motorcycle armor. The brand also debuts jeans with Cordura® mesh panels to offer even more airflow during hot weather months.

Following the same design philosophy that has popularized Pando Moto motorcycle clothing in the first place, the 2020 Collection continues to merge safety and state-of-the-art textile technologies with sophisticated style and comfort.

Pando Moto Motorcycle Gear For 2020: What’s New?

The Pando Moto 2020 Collection focuses mainly on UHMWPE (ultra-heavy molecular weight polyethylene) based single-layer motorcycle apparel, as well as ventilated items for warm and hot weather riding. Most of the new models come equipped with SAS-TEC armor, a newly-developed super thin and flexible body armor from Germany.

Motorcycle Jeans

The single-layer range includes motorcycle jeans for men and women made from Dyneema® and the newly-introduced Armalith® denim. Both are manufactured by combining denim and UHMWPE fibers and are highly renowned for their durability and abrasion resistance.

Pando Moto Boss Black 9

However, Armalith® stands out in terms of stretchiness and softness as the cotton fibers are in direct contact with the skin. UHMWPE fibers are also extremely heat resistant providing these jeans with extra protection. All these unique properties allow for even more comfort and a unique, washed-out look.

Browse Steel Black 9 and Kissaki Black if you’re interested in getting a pair of Dyneema® jeans for yourself, and be sure to check out Kissaki Arm and Robby Arm to discover the properties of Armalith®.

The collection also includes single layers made from Cordura® denim, a nylon-based fabric with an enhanced abrasion resistance that emulates an authentic denim look and feel. What’s more, all single-layer jeans in this collection come equipped with ultra-thin motorcycle armor and built-in Coolmax® technology, which makes them perfect for hot weather riding.

One pair, in particular, deserves a special mention as it represents next-level protection when it comes to motorcycle apparel. We’re talking about KARLDO jeans made from Cordura® denim, fitted with a Kevlar lining and protective mesh panels. The first Pando Moto model of its kind, KARLDO not only provides 45 km/h abrasion resistance but also stands out for its unique, cooling properties. Undestroyable, to say the least.

Motorcycle Jackets

Pando Moto 2020 Collection features two new motorcycle unisex jackets and a unisex CAPO overshirt that provides the same armor and abrasion resistance but is better suited for warmer days when a jacket is too heavy.

The BOMBER jacket is a military-inspired bomber-style jacket made from Cordura® denim combined with Coolmax® moisture-wicking technology and fitted with SAS-TEC TripleFlex elbow and shoulder armor.

The M65 COR jacket is inspired by the classical M-1965 field jacket design with all of its best features: bi-swing back, adjustable cuffs, stand-up collar, and more. It is made from 100% Cordura® denim and features a Coolmax® lining. SAS-TEC TripleFlex elbow and shoulder armor are included.

Base Layers

Following an absolute sellout last year, Pando Moto brings back SKIN unisex, abrasion-resistant base layer bottoms and SHELL unisex base layer tops. Made from a durable UHMWPE and lycra blend, these underlayers come with super-secure knee, shoulder, and elbow protection, and optional back armor as well.

Motorcycle Armor

A new exciting addition to the Pando Moto motorcycle gear range is the next-generation SAS-TEC motorcycle armor. These protectors are made of viscoelastic soft foam, which hardens upon impact absorbing and distributing the shock to reduce the risk of fractures. Once deformed, the protector returns to its shape and can be used to protect from multiple impacts.

Compared to traditional armor, SAS-TEC protectors are soft, pliable, and mold to your body providing unparalleled support, mobility, and comfort. They are all CE tested and approved with some products surpassing required CE values by 50%.

CE Certification

Those who are already familiar with Pando Moto motorcycle gear know that all our products are CE-approved, meaning they have been tested in certified facilities and are accredited to meet or surpass the required standards in all garment testing zones.

The CE standards also have different classification levels. Up to this point, Pando Moto garments were classified under the AA level (70 km/h abrasion resistance). However, with the introduction of the Pando Moto 2020 Collection, some new garments will also have the A-level classification, which is more suitable for urban riding with 45 km/h abrasion resistance.

The Pando Moto 2020 Collection will be available in March 2020. To preview it, please see our catalog.

About Pando Moto

Pando Moto is a premium motorcycle clothing brand from Europe. Established in 2011, Pando Moto develops high-performance motorcycle gear for men and women. The company prides itself on delivering safety and style through ergonomic, good-looking, pre-shaped clothing items.

Looking for motorcycle gear that has: style, comfort, and safety?

If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place. Check out our products and you will be surprised how we managed to combine style, comfort, and safety.

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