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Cordura Technology And Its Appliance In Protective Clothing

December 27, 2021

In recent years, Cordura has become the undisputable material of choice for manufactures of protective clothing. This fabric has been popular for a long time, which has allowed it to be tested under the most extreme conditions. And its performance has been highly impressive. This is why nowadays, it is a no-brainer for motorcycle gear makers to invest in this robust yet incredibly versatile fabric. Despite the popularity of the trademarked Cordura jeans, many are still unfamiliar with the intrinsic characteristics of the material, its origins, and its uses. Let’s take a look at this fabric in more detail, starting with a bit of history.

First of all, what is Cordura?

Cordura is a highly durable premium synthetic fabric. It has high tensile strength fibers, and it is widely used in a variety of industries, not just protective motorcycle clothing. Many high-quality backpacks, luggage, sportswear, and even military clothing are made with Cordura. In fact, DuPont first introduced the fabric as a type of rayon specifically for military tires during World War II. Several years later, new formulations with nylon were introduced; these proved to be extremely durable and comfortable, thus making Cordura a versatile material that could be utilized in many items. Nylon was easy to dye; it was universal, durable, and easily manageable. Luggage, denim, and shoes were just some of the products that made Cordura famous in the 70s and 80s. Basically, this material is a great addition to anything that requires extra strength and withstand impact. Thanks to its high resistance and durability, 70 years following its original introduction, Cordura has revolutionized the motorcycle apparel world. Proven to be highly protective in case of a crash, Cordura is also well-liked by customers who find it comfortable to wear.

cordura denim fabric

What makes Cordura different from other types of materials?

Cordura’s performance has been studied for many years now. With customers’ safety in mind, various stress tests under different conditions have been run to determine the effective resistance of the material versus other types of fabric available in the market. When put to the test, Cordura performs better than any other type of fabric in terms of abrasion resistance. This has made it the top choice by manufacturers of motorcycle apparel and other extreme sports clothing. Riders’ safety is the number one priority for apparel manufactures, who make no compromises in this regard. However, Cordura has also proven to be superior to other fabrics for other reasons.

cordura jeans

Cordura is also highly praised for its fire-retardant qualities. In fact, several laboratory tests have certified it to be an excellent flame repellant. It is difficult to ignite, and it can be an excellent ally for the rider in the unlikely case of a fire. Another obvious but still crucial aspect of Cordura is its non-porous surface, which assists it in repelling water, however, this does not make the protective clothing 100% waterproof.

Why is Cordura one of the most versatile fabrics for protective clothing?

Riders and sportspeople consider comfort a significant factor in choosing their apparel. It allows them to perform at their best and for long periods. Some have questioned the versatility of Cordura in such circumstances. After all, it is a solid material that was created for tire production! Technology has allowed Cordura to gradually develop into one of the most versatile fabrics available to motorcyclists. It is stretchy and breathable, allowing for maximum comfort even during long rides. Some also choose to wear Cordura denim as part of their casual outfits off the saddle.

Pando Moto protective clothing

Nowadays, Cordura is the go-to material for protective motorcycle apparel, thanks to its high abrasion resistance and flexibility. Cordura pants and jackets ensure enough range of movement for the rider to ride in comfort in short as well as long journeys. Breathability is another factor that has made Cordura popular; the material doesn’t compromise on breathability, making it an excellent choice for the warmer months. Nevertheless, for optimal ventilation, a good quality motorcycle jacket should include ventilation pockets. All specifically designed motorcycle gear should have this feature.

What about durability of protective apparel made from Cordura?

Cordura’s price tag reflects the superiority of the material when it comes to protective apparel. Jackets and pants made with Cordura are certainly not cheap, but they are one of the best investments a motorcyclist can make in the long run. First of all, it is an investment in time. Cordura has exceptionally high durability; a single piece can easily last for many years. It is also very easy to clean, and it doesn’t easily show signs of wear and tear over time. Its high resistance allows the material to withstand abrasion, temperature shifts, water, and more conditions without losing its characteristics. Less is more when it comes to motorcycle gear. It is advisable to have a few high-quality items in your closet rather than a number of different types of clothing that you could layer one on top of the other in an attempt to achieve sufficient protection in the case of a crash. This would be useless in the case of an accident and detrimental to your comfort and mobility during the ride. Never compromise on safety when it comes to motorcycle gear. Only choose certified protective clothing explicitly made for motorcyclists, so you can enjoy your rides with the peace of mind of having the best possible protection for yourself.

Last but not least, Cordura fabrics have been proven to be safe for the environment. With the recent focus on the climate crisis, issues related to the sustainability of materials have become key in the discussion around safeguarding the health of our planet. Cordura has been tested and proven not to raise concerns with respect to bioaccumulation; Cordura has also been proven not to release of vapors that may be toxic to ourselves and the environment. The material works in line with the latest recommendations in terms of sustainability and is set to stay the leader in the motorcycle apparel world for many years to come.

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