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Crash Tested: Women’s Kusari Black Jeans

March 19, 2020
Crash Tested: Women’s Kusari Black Jeans

Enelin’s accident happened a bit out of town on the roundabout when it was still light outside.

“Speed limit was 70km/h and I was approaching the roundabout at about 40km/h, planning to go straight across. A car came from the right and it did not notice me and drove onto the roundabout. I hit the car and landed on the ground founding my bike on top of my left leg. In the adrenaline rush, I pushed the bike away and stood up only to find myself dropping on the side of the road 2 seconds later.”

She rides a KTM Duke II, and although it is a super-moto, it is modified for riding in the forest and easier off-road tracks, as she always been more into mastering her skills of handling the bike, rather than riding fast.

Kusari Black Jeans at 40 km/h crash

On the day of this accident, she went for a ride with her friend who had just got her license and Enelin had just upgraded her whole gear, including her Kusari Black Jeans, and was so happy about every piece of it.

“No kidding Pando Moto pants are by far the best piece of gear I have ever worn in my life! The main reason being that they are so comfy and do not look dorky, in fact, they look super nice. Perfect for city rides when you need to visit some places and do not want to wear full-on highway gear.”

And hey, she was right on time with this upgrade! You can be extra careful all the time, but someone on the road might not be.

Enelin has been riding for seven years at the time and it was her first more serious accident.

“I have had my share of smaller incidents mainly caused by me pushing my own limits.”

But this was an unexpected turn, as no matter how good of a rider you are, experienced and aware, things still do happen, and quality gear means higher protection. And here is the result of Enelin’s crash: