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Motorcycle Backpack For a Creative Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle

March 09, 2020
Motorcycle Backpack For a Creative Entrepreneur's Lifestyle

When you turn your passion, dream or interest into a business while keeping your life unchanged is when you begin to live a life of an entrepreneur. You build your business around your interests, creating an ultimate work-life balance, allowing yourself to have the freedom of actions, to be your own boss and to manage your workflow by yourself. However, having this kind of lifestyle might make your daily graphic unstable and spontaneous at times and what can support you better, than comfortable gear and practical accessories, which are unique, stylish and versatile at the same time?

Going to business meeting with a practical backpack

When your business goes side by side with your personal life, sometimes you just want to throw your laptop in your motorcycle backpack and head to your next business meeting, while whizzing through a city on your bike in some comfy jeans. You want it to be easy while being practical, and comfortable while staying safe and presentable, and that is exactly what this is all about!

Kriega X Pando Moto

Kriega R20 motorcycle backpack has the perfect fit for many riders around the world. It is not bulky but has enough space to fit in all your essentials for your daily commutes, or if you are heading for an off-road adventure – your waterproofs and hydration. A tough and reliable motorcycle backpack is basically your best friend when you are a motorcyclist living this kind of lifestyle. No need to worry about how to carry your stuff while in a rush, just frow them in there, jump on your bike and you are ready to go.

If you don’t like a standard shoulder motorcycle backpack, they also feature such bags as US-DRYPACKS, which are very easy to fit to the bike, with quick-release hooks attaching to web loops secured to the bike’s subframe. And they have a universal fit for any type of motorcycle, so no need to worry about the new bag if you change your bike.

US-DRYPACKS, with quick-release hooks attaching to web loops

Perfectly suitable for both motorcycles and meeting rooms.

Being practical and durable on their own, Kriega motorcycle backpacks look great together with the Pando Moto gear. Some Boss Black 9’s with a Capo shirt and a Kriega motorcycle backpack will make you look ready for any daily occasion while keeping you safe and secure on the road!

For this article was caught in action Lithuanian film actor Mindaugas Papinigis (@papinigis)

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