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Our Pando Ace – Paulius Labanauskas

December 03, 2018
Paulius Labanauskas riding his Kawasaki ZX6R

A Peaceful Daredevil

I am Paulius Labanauskas – a peaceful daredevil. I might look calm from the first sight, but when I sit down on my steel horse, only then you can actually see the real me.

When I was a kid I just loved to ride motorcycles. Just riding in the streets was too boring for me, so I wanted to do it in exceptional way, to make it more extreme. From an early age I was striving to get worldwide recognition. Now I can say it proudly that I’m one small step closer to achieving this goal.

The Champion Of World Stunt Riding 2017

My motorcycle Kawasaki ZX6R has been completely redesigned for Stunt riding: rebuild tank, removed plastics, rebuilt brake system, strengthened motorcycle frame, additional brakes and a special seat were added as well.

Last months before World Championship were very hard. It was ordeal for me and my motorcycle. It was really tough period. I had a lot of crashes but I knew I had to do it. And I’m really proud of it. I was stunned when I heard: “The World Champion of Stunt riding – Paulius Labanauskas!”. It was surreal and hard to believe it till this day. It is the greatest achievement I had so far in my life.

A Sign Of Things To Come

I just want to do my thing I’m passionate about. It’s to compete with the best riders in the world and to put my name in motorcycle industry. I am eager to continue to amaze my audience with new tricks, show even more aggressive riding style and, of course, to achieve the very best results in the race. In 2019, I am planning participate in an international moto acrobatics competition – it is one of my biggest dreams!

Pando Moto

I have a very close bond with PANDO MOTO. One of the core values for me is family. Pando Moto is like one big crew with whom together we are aiming for the same result: best quality of what we do. Somehow, we push each other to never stop and move forward.

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Pando Ace Program

Pando Ace is a global, invite only pro-staff community of bikers and enthusiasts who like to look good, and are passionate about the newest technologies in Motorcycling and who just love sharing their stories and tips and tricks with others. We commit to sharing everything we make with the Pando Ace community in return for their invaluable feedback, and their passion in sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for our state of the art apparel.

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