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February 07, 2023

The PANDO MOTO casual line has had a consistent and recognizable look and feel in recent years, establishing a strong brand identity. Despite the line’s success, we felt that there was room for growth and evolution. In order to keep the line fresh and appealing, we have collaborated with the local tattoo artist, Edgaras to introduce new ideas and breathe life into the current line, ultimately giving birth to the PANDO Classics collection.

Edgaras has been in the tattoo game for over a decade, dabbling in various styles while keeping up with current trends. But, as he notes, there’s one style that remains timeless: “old school.” According to Edgaras, “old school” is a classic that has a lot of history and meaning, and is technically one of the strongest and most solid styles around that continues to endure over time.

Not only is Edgaras skilled in the art of tattooing, but he also has a passion for motorcycles. It was a natural connection for him to merge his love for these two worlds and express his sentiment through his work. The old-school style of tattooing was the perfect fit for capturing the essence of the motorcycle culture.