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Pando Moto: Where Our Influence Came From

Pando Moto: Where Our Influence Came From

When it comes to a passion for (and devotion to) two-wheelers and style, it’s hard to find a story as compelling as this. It all started from my grandpa – a hard-headed motorcycle enthusiast.

Back in the days when motorcycles were hard-acquired commodities, he was already grinding the streets with his good-old B.S.A B30. My grandpa was always in style, with the help of his beloved seamstress wife, my grandma.

This ‘disease’ was passed on from generation to generation, and I too have been contaminated.

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As a motorcycle enthusiast inspired by family tradition, I turned my attention to the fashion industry. I was struggling to find a premium motorcycle clothing brand with a cut-to-the-bone design® philosophy, so I quickly noticed a gap in the market, and knew there had to be other fashion-conscious bikers out there whose values matched ours. We wanted to serve bikers who, like us, demand core features such as protection, function, and most importantly, style. We filled the gap back then, and continue to do so today.

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