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Crash Tested: SKIN UH 03 armored motorcycle leggings vs. worn-out tires

February 15, 2024

We all enjoy cruising down the highway. It is no secret that we can finally, and legally, feel the power of our motorcycle and let’s be real, enjoy the speed. On January 14th Zoe was cruising on the highway as well while thinking about how to make the day more interesting. It was cold and humid so she needed to clear her head somehow. And, well, the answer came itself. Zoe went skiing. Just not with skis, but with her motorcycle. Accidentally, of course. 

Before telling this story, Zoe mentioned that she was on her way home to change her tires, since she felt they were not as safe anymore. „The tires weren’t that great and I was aware of that but I had to ride the bike home to be able to change them at the garage.“ – she said. How many times have YOU thought the same thing and used the excuse of „I‘ll just ride one more time and then I will change them for real“. Well, apparently, you can never be too safe.

What happened next, we can all probably imagine. Bad weather conditions, a slippery road that had spilled motor oil on them, and worn-out tires, were a perfect recipe for a disaster not only for motorcycle riders but for drivers as well. While exiting the highway Zoe lost control of her motorcycle and fell. She describes the moment of the fall as if she was watching from the side „As soon as I hit the road surface I started rolling sideways about 10/12 times and immediately fell a massive pull on my shoulder.“ – she vividly remembers, relying on the accounts of other witnesses of the accident. 

While the police and ambulance were on their way, Zoe, like most of our stories‘ heroes, got up, went to her motorcycle, turned it off, and even managed to ask a bystander to help her lift it off the ground. We always feel inspired and proud of these storytellers when they manage to take care not only of themselves but their motorcycles too. When the ambulance arrived Zoe was taken to the emergency room for an X-ray where she found out that her shoulder, was in fact, not broken, just severely bruised. „I had to wear a sling for a week and full recovery will take about 3 months without any complications.“ – Zoe shared.

A such successful fall after rolling 10-12 times, could have happened due to 2 reasons. First, she was very lucky, OR she was wearing really excellent motorcycle gear. We can‘t prove if the first reason is true, maybe she was just born under a lucky star. However, we can be sure that during the accident she was saved by purpose-built leggings with protection. „I have been wearing your gear and HALLELUJAH! Just some minor scratches on my leggings.“ – Zoe favors the second reason.

During the accident, Zoe was wearing SKIN UH 03 – Armored Motorcycle Leggings Unisex. They are known for their exceptional comfort due to the highly elastic and durable Balistex fabric. They also ensure maximum protection with integrated armor on the knees and hips, which is so securely attached that it won’t budge, even if you want it to. Zoe also joked about the importance of protective clothing. „Excellent gear with great comfort in all weather conditions and I personally tested the safety haha!”


Moral of the story – ALWAYS make sure you have good tires. And excellent gear! And for Zoe, we wish a smooth recovery of her shoulder and many more impressive (and safe) motorcycle journeys.

If you had your life saved by PANDO, don‘t hesitate to share your story with us and inspire other riders to care about their safety by investing in professional motorcycle gear and apparel.