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Leather motorcycle apparel: a timeless fashion and safety statement

January 23, 2024

The world of motorcycle enthusiasts would be nothing without some adrenaline and free spirit. Riders live in a world full of risk, enthusiasm, adventure, and thrill. This passionate style of living has been represented through leather clothing and leather accents for as long as this community has existed. Even now, a leather jacket is a motorcycle’s best friend. Leather clothing, however, was, and still is, ever-changing, with its style and design being re-invented every now and then, to adapt to each time. After many years of improvements and advancements, riders don’t need to choose between style, safety, and comfort.

Let’s check what to look for when choosing the perfect motorcycle clothing.

Leather type:

The type of leather the clothing piece is made of is the main characteristic that tells about the quality and durability of the new pants, jacket, or gloves. Cow leather, or cowhide, is the best type for scratch protection. After polishing, cowhide gives a suede-like look and feel which is very nice to the touch. Cowhide of the highest quality is typically showcased in its natural hues, reflecting the inherent colors associated with the specific bovine breed. Buffalo leather is a good pick as well and a tough competitor to cowhide, however, it is a bit stiffer than cowhide, so choose accordingly.

Protection level:

The better the quality of the leather, the better the protection level. It is important to notice if the apparel is certified by CE. Since all motorcycle apparel must fit tight standards to qualify as protection gear, pay attention to friction resistance, weather insulation, and whether it allows paddings or armor in the knee and elbow zones. These pieces will protect you best both from different weather conditions, as well as in the case of a crash.


A fitted jacket, a good-looking pair of pants, and comfortable gloves will always make you look your best. And they say if you look good – you feel good. As we know, properly maintained and well taken care of leather clothes can serve you up to 20 years, and well, let’s be honest, they won’t ever go out of style. When picking new pieces for the full motorcycle look, it is important to choose clothes that not only fit you but make you feel confident and excited for the ride. There are plenty of different designs to choose from, so don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Now let’s go over what are the most important pieces of motorcycle gear.

Leather Jackets

Why wear a leather jacket that cannot protect you? Do you want style? Do you want protection? It has it all. Thanks to the newest technologies, leather jackets now are nothing like they used to be in the old days. Current leather jackets have lost the ‘massive’ and oversized look and are much more comfortable and far more functional. Since your leather jacket is going to be with you on the long road, keep in mind that comfort is as important as design. Leather jackets might feel a bit tight in the beginning, however, leather tends to stretch and adjust to your body type over time. When well maintained (regularly washed and always dried if wet), a leather jacket will keep its shine and look for many years to come.

Motorcycle Pants

Don’t be afraid to invest in purpose-built motorcycle pants. Just a couple minutes into wearing leather motorcycle pants and you will be able to feel like the hero child you always wanted to become. Pants made from durable cow leather with padding on the knees, and armor on the hips, will be a real catch. Not only will they provide better protection than plain jeans or pants, but they will also guarantee you comfort anywhere on the road. Oh, and you will look cool too.

Motorcycle Gloves

Can you really call yourself a motorcyclist if you don’t have special, purpose-built gloves? As you know from before, we recommend you go with the cow leather ones. Quality leather gloves seem like they were created just for the purpose of motorcycle gear due to the level of protection and comfort they serve. Cowhide leather, certified gloves will both guarantee a better grip and protect your hands and fingers in the case of a fall.

If you’re a fellow rider or are planning to become one, we don’t recommend underestimating leather when buying your motorcycle apparel. Unlike many other materials, leather is made to be resistant to as many external factors as possible and to serve you for a very long time. So next time if you feel too overwhelmed by too many choices when buying leather motorcycle gear – pay attention to its leather type and protection level. Of course, don’t forget to listen to your personal style when coordinating different pieces. In the end, we all want to look great, don’t we?

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