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Top Tips for Beginner Motorcyclists

April 21, 2022
beginner motorcyclist on a small motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is a double-edged sword – for all the fun and freedom, beginner motorcyclists will also need to understand the risks and responsibilities involved. We’d like to share some beginner motorcycle tips that will help you have tons of fun while keeping yourself and others safe.

Best Motorcycle Options for Beginner Motorcyclists

Almost every experienced rider will agree – beginner motorcyclists should choose from the best beginner motorcycles before later moving on to heavier or more high-performance machines. There’s a significant risk of “biting off more than you can chew” with some bikes, and beginner bikes are still fully capable of being tons of fun.

The difficulty here is that there will be different good beginner options depending on the type of motorcycle you want to ride. As a rule, however, brands and models noted for their reliability will make for the best-used motorcycles for beginners. If you’ve just started building up your skill level, you don’t want to have to deal with mechanical problems or tricky performance models.

Before we go into the best entry-level motorcycle models, here are a few general tips for your first bike:

1. Respect the power learning curve: High-powered bikes can be dangerous in the hands of a new biker. Until you have some real-world road experience, stick to a modest bike. This will vary depending on the bike type, but generally, try to stay under 600cc and around 50 horsepower.

2. Choose a generalist: You may think you want a long-forked chopper, a high-powered superbike, or a scrappy hard enduro to tear up the trails – and maybe you’re right. However, spending some time with a naked street bike, a touring model, or a modest cruiser will help you understand what you’re truly after.

The alternative is having a miserable time with a specialized bike when you’re just starting out. That can put some beginners off of motorcycles entirely.

3. The skills make the rider: As important as your bike choice is, don’t forget your skillset as well. How well you ride will determine how much fun you have and how safe you are. We’ll share some motorcycle riding tips for beginners further down in the post.

With that being said, here are a few top choices for a good first motorcycle.

1. Honda Rebel 500

Beginner motorcyclist motorcycle options Honda Rebel 500

At 500cc, this Rebel hits the sweet spot between thrills and simplicity. This is a good first bike for any rider, but it’s especially great for anyone thinking about diving into the world of cruisers, choppers, or touring bikes with their next purchase down the line.

2. KTM 390 Duke

Beginner motorcyclist motorcycle options KTM 390 DUKE

This is a lower-powered entry in KTM’s legendary Duke line of models. The aggressive styling and specs will let the beginner rider get a taste of sporty street riding before they get on a true powerhouse like the Super Duke 1290.

3. Kawasaki Ninja 400

Beginner motorcyclist motorcycle options Kawasaki Ninja 400

Kawasaki offers excellent sports bikes and superbikes all across the power spectrum. This lower-powered Ninja model offers an excellent first taste for beginner sports riders before graduating to a more powerful speed machine.

4. Suzuki SV650

Beginner motorcyclist motorcycle options Suzuki SV650

The SV650 is widely appreciated as an excellent beginner bike that strikes a perfect balance between approachability and fun. If the naked format appeals to you, be sure to check out the Honda CB500 as well.

5. BMW G310GS