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Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders in 2022

March 27, 2022
man on a motorcycle at the beach with gifts for motorcycle riders

A motorcycle is more than just a vehicle and its owner does more than just ride it. Bikers form special bonds with their bikes and with one another, so motorcycle gifts are a surefire way to put a smile on their face.

Picking the best gifts for motorcycle riders can be hard, but we can help. We are bikers ourselves, after all!

Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders

We’ve all got different tastes, but one thing all bikers can appreciate is a unique and thoughtful motorcycle gift that we know was made just for us. Here are a few motorcycle gift ideas that will show that special biker in your life how much you value them.

Motorcycle photoshoot

This gift for motorcyclists is possibly the best way to show your special biker how cool they look! A professional car or motorcycle photographer will be able to come up with excellent ideas for how to capture your biker and their ride.

Imagine their sportbike lit up by neon lights in a dark city, their adventure bike racing through the forest, or their cruiser tearing down an open highway.

Motorcycle art

This is an extraordinarily broad category, so what you choose will depend entirely on who you’re giving your motorcycle gift to. Some popular gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts from this category include welded scrap yard sculptures, hand-painted metal garage signs, or simply paintings. 

Even if an artist has pieces ready to sell, you can still ask them about commissions. If it’s within your budget, the artist’s work would make for a truly unique biker gift.

Motorcycle airbrushing

In the hands of a talented artist, airbrushes can be used to create beautiful, meaningful, and exciting works of art right on a motorcycle. The most common “canvas” for specialized automotive airbrush artists is a motorcycle’s gas tank, but they can paint on almost anything – including helmets.

You can buy a gift coupon from the artist, or you can order a spare copy of the part to be painted and surprise your rider with a completed work of art.

This can be an unforgettable personalized motorcycle gift, but make sure they’ll appreciate it. Some bikers want nothing more than to preserve their bikes’ classic looks, while others will thank you for the chance to customize their ride.

Best Motorcycle Gifts for Him

If that special biker in your life is a man, there are plenty of motorcycle gifts out there that they’ll really love.

Motorcycle jeans

Jeans are a classic look on any man, making this a great motorcycle gift for dad. Fortunately, motorcycle safety technology is advanced enough that men no longer have to choose between safety and style.

These sharp-looking motorcycle jeans are made with abrasion-resistant fabric and armor inserts that make them great safety pants as well.

Husqvarna motorcycle and man with gifts for motorcycle riders

Motorcycle boots

What we said about motorcycle jeans goes for motorcycle boots as well. It used to be that sneakers were a horrible choice for safety while riding. Work boots are alright, but most lack a number of key features that would make them truly safe.

Now, however, bikers can wear motorcycle boots or motorcycle sneakers that are fully rated as safety gear.

Motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets have always been fairly stylish, but modern textile technologies still give riders a wider choice than ever before. Plus, motorcycle jackets protect our vital organs, so if your biker doesn’t have one already, this is a really good gift idea.

No matter how your biker dresses, you’re sure to find something that’ll suit them.

Motorcycle shirt

When warm weather hits, it can be tempting to leave the safety wear at home when your biker goes for a ride. With a motorcycle shirt, however, they can stay cool, safe and stylish all at the same time. This is an excellent gift for motorcycle lovers during the warm season.

gifts for motorcycle riders on a man sitting on a motorbike

Motorcycle manufacturer merchandise

If your biker has a specific motorcycle manufacturer they love, there’s probably tons of manufacturer merchandise out there that they’d love to wear. Whether it’s a cap, a t-shirt or a sweater, this motorcycle gift for your husband or boyfriend will let him rep his bike with pride!

Best Motorcycle Gifts for Her

The number of women motorcycle riders grows every year. As their numbers grow, so does the number of great motorcycle gifts for women that you can choose from!

Motorcycle boots

Boots can work with almost any outfit. Add motorcycle safety features to the mix and you’ve got the perfect piece of footwear. As safety technology improves, riders no longer have to choose between safety and style, and women’s motorcycle boots are no different.

Women’s motorcycle jeans

Long gone are the days of ugly, baggy textile motorcycle pants. Women’s motorcycle jeans have the same anti-abrasive properties while still sporting armored inserts to keep you safe while you look good. With jeans like these, people may not even suspect that she’s a rider in the first place.

woman on a motorcycle with gifts for motorcycle riders

Motorcycle jacket

A motorcycle jacket is one of the most important pieces of gear for any rider. It’s a big part of their look, and it keeps their vital organs and spine safe. If you give her the gift of a safe women’s motorcycle jacket that also looks good, she’ll never forget it.

woman next to motorcycle and gifts for motorcycle riders

Motorcycle backpack

A regular backpack will do in a pinch, but motorcycle backpacks have a few key features that make them stand out as a great gift idea. They’re often aerodynamic, they can be highly weatherproof to protect her belongings from the open road, and they can integrate safety features that bikers will love.

man with a bag and other gifts for motorcycle riders

Biker accessories

If she already has a full set of motorcycle safety gear, there’s always room for accessories. What you get will depend on whether she rides a lean, mean sportbike, a powerful cruiser, or something else. Accessories like this motorcycle belt can be worn whether or not she’s riding, which is important.

Motorcycles aren’t just a mode of transportation, they’re a lifestyle.

Gift ideas for Harley riders

Harley Davidson is more than a motorcycle manufacturer – they are a lifestyle and a cultural icon. Harley riders share a unique connection with their bikes, so here are some Harley rider gift ideas that we’re sure they’ll love!

Harley Davidson merchandise

Harley Davidson’s motorcycles lie at the heart of an iconic lifestyle, and the company knows it. That’s why they produce a broad line of tough-looking motorcycle gear and accessories that make it easy for riders to rep the iconic brand. If they’re in love with the Harley Davidson brand, then this is a great biker gift option.

Motorcycle detailing

Motorcycle detailing gives the best returns when the bike has lots of beautiful chrome parts, and there are few bikes with more chrome than a classic Harley. If their bike is getting on in years, detailing will make it shine like the day it rolled out of the dealer’s lot.

two men with motorcycles and gifts for motorcycle riders

Heated gear

For some bikers, the cold can shorten their riding season more than they’d like. Heated glove, boot and jacket inserts can make the season last much longer, as can heated grips. A great gift for bikers living in colder areas.

Hearing protection

Every motorcycle rider has to deal with wind. Harley Davidson riders have to deal with the extra noise that their powerful engines produce as well.

Many a Harley rider might hate to admit it, but quality hearing protection can be a gift with big returns. Even a premium option will be relatively affordable, making this an easy gift to give that shows them how much you care about their health.

Motorcycle cover

One of the best ways to make sure that signature Harley chrome finish stays clean for as long as possible is to cover the bike when it’s not being ridden. This is a practical gift that’s only a good idea if the rider hasn’t already thought of getting their own cover.


You’ve probably realized by now that there’s no such thing as the one perfect biker gift. Every biker is different, so the right motorcycle gift will be different for them as well.

Should it be practical or a luxury? Comfort or utility? Beauty or durability? Safety or fun? That will all depend on who’s receiving it. Ultimately, it’ll be much like selecting a thoughtful gift for anyone else. Just use what you know about the lucky biker to choose the best gift for them.

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