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Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders in 2022

March 27, 2022
man on a motorcycle at the beach with gifts for motorcycle riders

A motorcycle is more than just a vehicle and its owner does more than just ride it. Bikers form special bonds with their bikes and with one another, so motorcycle gifts are a surefire way to put a smile on their face.

Picking the best gifts for motorcycle riders can be hard, but we can help. We are bikers ourselves, after all!

Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders

We’ve all got different tastes, but one thing all bikers can appreciate is a unique and thoughtful motorcycle gift that we know was made just for us. Here are a few motorcycle gift ideas that will show that special biker in your life how much you value them.

Motorcycle photoshoot

This gift for motorcyclists is possibly the best way to show your special biker how cool they look! A professional car or motorcycle photographer will be able to come up with excellent ideas for how to capture your biker and their ride.

Imagine their sportbike lit up by neon lights in a dark city, their adventure bike racing through the forest, or their cruiser tearing down an open highway.

Motorcycle art

This is an extraordinarily broad category, so what you choose will depend entirely on who you’re giving your motorcycle gift to. Some popular gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts from this category include welded scrap yard sculptures, hand-painted metal garage signs, or simply paintings. 

Even if an artist has pieces ready to sell, you can still ask them about commissions. If it’s within your budget, the artist’s work would make for a truly unique biker gift.

Motorcycle airbrushing

In the hands of a talented artist, airbrushes can be used to create beautiful, meaningful, and exciting works of art right on a motorcycle. The most common “canvas” for specialized automotive airbrush artists is a motorcycle’s gas tank, but they can paint on almost anything – including helmets.

You can buy a gift coupon from the artist, or you can order a spare copy of the part to be painted and surprise your rider with a completed work of art.

This can be an unforgettable personalized motorcycle gift, but make sure they’ll appreciate it. Some bikers want nothing more than to preserve their bikes’ classic looks, while others will thank you for the chance to customize their ride.

Best Motorcycle Gifts for Him

If that special biker in your life is a man, there are plenty of motorcycle gifts out there that they’ll really love.

Motorcycle jeans

Jeans are a classic look on any man, making this a great motorcycle gift for dad. Fortunately, motorcycle safety technology is advanced enough that men no longer have to choose between safety and style.

These sharp-looking motorcycle jeans are made with abrasion-resistant fabric and armor inserts that make them great safety pants as well.