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Women's Motorcycle Boots

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Women’s motorcycle boots – CE certified, made from full-grain leather, and lined with Gore-Tex®.


Step out in style with a new pair of ladies motorcycle boots

Picking the right pair of motorcycle boots means finding something that’s safe, comfortable and looks good while you ride. To ensure that there was a style available for every woman’s aesthetic, PANDO MOTO set out to create a series of motorcycle boots that come in a variety of stylish black designs.


Try a range that’s comfortable and stylish

Our selection of womens lace up motorcycle boots is made from sturdy materials like heavy-duty rubber and high quality black leather. Each pair includes replaceable anatomic insoles and some models also have microperforations for breathability or anti-shock cushioning for added comfort.

The collection includes different types of motorcycle boots that extend to either the ankle or mid-calf. There are casual motorcycle shoes, multipurpose hiking boots, and black leather boots with that classic biker look. While no two pairs appear the same, they all offer a similar level of comfort and protection.

Women’s shoe sizes vary greatly, but when you purchase from PANDO MOTO you’ll be able to find the right size for your feet. At the more petite end of the scale, the sizing starts at Size 37 to 39. It goes up to a Size 47. To find the right boot for you, simply measure your foot from your heel to the end of your longest toe and compare it to the size chart available in our online store. That chart helps you easily convert your numeric measurement to standard EU, USA, and UK shoe sizing.

Prioritizing rider safety

The PANDO MOTO women’s motorcycle riding boots are among the most fashionable available, but that in no way means that safety has been sacrificed. Our top priority is keeping riders safe, which is why we provide a lifetime crash guarantee and 2 year warranty.

Since our ladies boots are intended for motorcycle riding, extra protection has been added to the high impact zones on the sides. Depending on the design SAS-TEC and SC-1/AN1 protectors, malleolus PU protection, or D30® internal malleolus inserts have been incorporated into the shoe. This is important as it results in a safer motorcycle boot.

When shopping for a new pair of womens biker boots it’s a good idea to check that the design has been tested by an independent organization. With PANDA MOTO, you can be confident in the safety aspect of each design as they have been certified as riding PPE under the guidelines set by the European Union Commission.

Functional for motorcycle riding

All of our designs are waterproof so you don’t need to worry about getting wet feet while you ride. At the same time, they’re also breathable, so your feet will stay cool as well as dry.

Shop for your next pair of women’s motorcycle boots right here

Browse our selection of women’s motorcycle boots to choose the style that best suits your needs in terms of cost, design, and safety. Given how good each design looks, you might be tempted to buy more than one pair!

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