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Women's Motorcycle Belts

High quality belts for motorcycle lovers

Searching for a new, versatile accessory for your motorcycling wardrobe? Look no further than our premium leather belts that are designed by riders, for riders.

Style it your way

A timeless accessory, the simple black leather belt can complement almost any motorcycling outfit. The width chosen for our PANDO MOTO belts is the right size for a wide range of belt loops, and the curved tip makes them easy to feed through a pair of pants, even with riding gloves on. You can explore our online store’s collection of women’s motorcycle belts to view each of the designs for sale.

Our insignia is subtly incorporated into each of our motorcycle riding belts. In some, you’ll see it’s been pushed into the leather during the manufacturing process, making the logo visible only when the light catches it at just the right angle.

These belts are versatile enough that you can easily wear them on and off the bike. When you’re going for a ride, loop it through a pair of Cordura® chinos or Balistex motorcycle pants, and when you’re done, wear it with a pair of jeans, denim skirt or flattering pair of shorts.

Genuine leather

Belts made of genuine full-grain leather have always been popular, and for good reason. It’s far more resilient to everyday wear and tear than belts made of lesser materials, such as polyester or pleather. If you take care of it, your leather motorcycle belt will last for years, being bent, wrapped, and folded with little to no effect.

Inclusive sizing

The PANDO MOTO belts have nine holes spaced along the strap which measure over 100 cm. The length and various size adjustments make it suitable for a wide variety of body shapes, including plus sized and petite figures.

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