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Men's Motorcycle Belts

Quality motorcycle belts engineered by riders

Thinking about what should be in a man’s wardrobe, all men should own at least one high quality leather belt.

At PANDO MOTO we’ve taken that idea and put a biker brain spin on it, creating a range of mens motorcycle belts that can be used for a vast range of occasions. They are hard wearing and high quality, a subtle expression of your uncompromising love for all things motorcycles.

Versatile design

Black leather is a simple, yet classic choice for belts that goes with just about everything. The width of our designs are appropriate for most sized belt loops and the tip is shaped into a curved point making it easier to feed through. To see the individual designs for sale, browse all men’s motorcycle belts in our online shop.

Our motorcycle riding belts feature the PANDO MOTO logo incorporated in a subtle, understated way. During production, it’s pressed into the leather making it visible when the light hits in just the right way.

A black leather belt offers endless possibilities. Loop it through a pair of Balistex motorcycle jeans or Cordura® chinos when you’re heading out for a ride, then when you’re done, style it with a pair of denim jeans or shorts.

Premium materials

Genuine full-grain leather is an age-old choice for belts, and there’s a good reason why. It’s extremely durable, withstanding daily wear and tear much better than belts made of inferior materials like pleather or polyester. It can be bent, wrapped and folded without too much effect, lasting years provided you take care of it.

Adjustable sizing

The PANDO MOTO belts are over 100 cm long and have 9 hole spaces along the strap. This allows it to be worn by a huge range of body types, from svelte figures through to plus sizes.

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