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Men's Motorcycle Armor

Motorcycle armor for excellent shock absorption and true comfort – goes perfectly with Dyneema® or Cordura® jeans and jackets.


Premium men’s motorcycle armor

PANDO MOTO is, and always has been, rider centric. It’s why we are so deliberate about making sure our designs are safe, stylish and comfortable. One of the key ways we do this is by incorporating high quality armor pieces into the designs, as well as selling the inserts separately.

Comfortable protection

The lightweight motorcycle armor we have for sale is shaped with ergonomics in mind. The low profile design cuts down on bulk and allows for more flexible movement, with each piece being tailored to the part of the human body it is protecting. The armor pieces come in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit that maximizes safety.

Most motorcycling enthusiasts want to be able to ride all year round, so it’s important to us that the armor can keep you cool in summer yet still perform when it’s cold or wet. This helped guide the choice of materials and geometric shapes used in the construction of the armor. They’re designed to be breathable, yet remain flexible when the temperatures plummet.

Safety is paramount

No matter whether it is sold as a stand alone piece of armor, or comes incorporated into a PANDO MOTO jacket, pair of pants, base layer or other piece of riding apparel, the armor we sell is strong.

The QUARTO FLEX armor used for back protection is made of a high impact-resistant combination of Nitrite and Polynorbornene rubber. The rubbers are layered into an impact rated memory foam that has some movement to help dampen the shock in the event of a crash. Each design is compatible with the armor inserts on a huge selection of the PANDO MOTO upper riding apparel range.

SAS-TEC joint protectors are designed to cushion the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows. These inserts are made of visco-elastic soft foam and are extremely flexible, even when it’s cold. The low profile makes them much more versatile, and means there’s little to no restriction of movement for the wearer.

The D30 range of motorcycle armor protects areas like the elbows and shoulders, depending on the design you choose. It offers strong, breathable limb protection made of a highly impact absorbent material that can dissipate energy from a blunt force collision.

KNOX is another type of armor utilized by PANDO MOTO to protect your joints. The durable material offers excellent shock absorption and is shaped to suit riders.

All of the armor used and sold by PANDO MOTO is CE approved, so you know you’re getting something that’s been independently verified as being fit for purpose. Check out our Crash Tested stories from members of the PANDO MOTO community to see how these pieces performed in real-life situations

Functional motorcycle protective armor

The low profile design allows for the armor to easily be worn with your riding apparel. This is functionally important as the riding gear works hand-in-hand with the armor to keep you safe. The armor acts to absorb energy from an impact, while the abrasion resistant motorcycle clothing is designed to slide a certain distance without wearing through, protecting your skin.

Increase your level of protection with some new men’s motorcycle armor

Keeping riders safe is a key value here at PANDO MOTO and we constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to do that.

Whether you like to ride your motorcycle on the street or take things to the extreme and head offroad, our collection of mens motorcycle armor is bound to have something that will prove to be a valuable addition to your riding gear – at a great price too! Shop our online store and order some high quality armor for your next riding adventure.

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