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Women's Motorcycle Gear Accessories

Stylish motorcycle accessories for women

At PANDO MOTO, our goal is to provide riding gear that is both stylish and practical. This philosophy extends to our carefully curated selection of ladies motorcycle accessories.

High quality construction

Different materials are used to construct PANDO MOTO accessories based on the nature and purpose of the item. This helps to guarantee the quality of the finished product. For instance, belts are manufactured with premium black leather and high quality buckles, while socks are made of breathable cotton that wicks moisture away.

During the construction of each item care is also taken to ensure it is put together properly. Signs of this include the heavy duty thread used for leather products, double stitching and reinforcements on high wear areas.

Added safety

Some of the accessories were designed specifically with safety in mind, including the PANDO Goggles. The googles have anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses that are held in by a low profile, matte black frame. They’re compatible with any helmet, secured in place by a rubberised goggle strap.

Functional for riders

In addition to being stylish, every accessory has a purpose. The apron is perfect for wearing while working on the bike, the leather keychain holder keeps your keys safe if you’re riding without a pack, and the socks are made for daily use, including under riding boots or with casual clothes.

Find the right motorcycle riding accessories for you

From the start the main goal for PANDO MOTO was to develop a brand that perfectly melded style, function and safety. It’s what guides the design process, including the creation of the ladies accessories.

Our high-quality motorbike accessories are the ideal gift idea for the biker in your life, whether that’s you or one of your loved ones. Browse our online store to shop the complete collection and find the latest addition to your riding wear.

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