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Men's Motorcycle Gear Accessories

Sleek motorcycle accessories designed for men

Our mission at PANDO MOTO is to create riding gear that is both fashionable and functional. That ethos extends to our thoughtful collection of men’s motorcycle gear accessories.

High quality construction

The materials chosen to create the PANDO MOTO accessories vary depending on the type of accessory and its purpose. This ensures that the final product is up to standard. As an example, socks are made of breathable, moisture wicking cotton while belts are created using high quality metal buckles and genuine black leather.

When our motorcycle accessories are put together, care is taken in the construction as well. Double stitching, reinforcements on high wear areas and heavy duty thread are just some of the things you’ll see across the range.

Safety is key

Certain PANDO MOTO accessories were created as additional protective gear for motorcycle riding, intended to help keep you safe. This includes the PANDO Goggles, which are an anti-fog, anti-scratch pair of riding goggles. They go with any helmet due to the minimal profile, black matt frame.

Functional accessories

As well as looking good, each of the accessories performs a certain function. The leather keychain holder ensures you don’t lose valuables when riding without a bag, the apron is great for protecting your clothes while you work, and the socks are reinforced for everyday wear with designs that go with casual clothes as well as riding gear.
Shop a premium collection of mens motorcycle accessories
PANDO MOTO was founded to offer high quality motorcycle apparel that is sleek and safe.

These premium motorcycle accessories make a great addition to your riding gear or the perfect gift idea to buy for the biker in your life. Browse through our online store to shop the complete range of accessories currently for sale.

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