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Crash Tested: Kusari Kev jeans test Vs. Highway 1:0

November 16, 2020

As motorcycle riders, we know full well that accidents can – and do – happen even if we ride defensively and assume that we are invisible. Careless car drivers, distracted commuters, and busy highway travelers often forget to look out for us, and no matter how skilled we are as riders, sometimes we just can’t control what others do. But what we can control is how well protected we are, and this is where Pando Moto jeans test happened.

If you unexpectedly find yourself hitting the tarmac at 40mph, wouldn’t you want something five times stronger than steel to protect you? Kevlar is the undisputed king of protective clothing, which is why we use it in our motorcycle apparel, including the women’s Kusari jeans. Built to withstand tear and abrasion, Kusari Kev looks as badass as the riders who wear them, and it’s designed for maximum protection. Need proof? These jeans went under a test.

Marina was wearing her Kusari jeans when she set off on a motorcycle ride, and it was definitely a good thing she did so. “I was riding straight on a highway when a guy merged in front of me. I swerved and hit the breaks trying to avoid him, but he hit the breaks too, so I ran into the right side of his bumper. I was going approximately 40 – 50 mph when this happened and was thrown off the bike and slid on highway 15 – 20ft (my Triumph slid good 50ft).  The majority of the impact came to my shoulder and my knees. But in the end, my knees had only very small bruises and just a couple of scratches. Good thing I was wearing Kusari with knee inserts.”, Marina told us.

While her crash story sounds horrific, Marina walked away from the accident with nothing but slightly bruised knees: the Kevlar in the Kusari did its job, and you can only see a couple of tiny tears in the outer layer of the jean.

“The Kusari pants did exactly what they were designed to do!” Marina wrote to us.

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