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Crash Tested: Gabriel with Karl Desert Jeans

October 15, 2020

Every rider has a different story of how they got into motorcycling, and we all have our own unique paths we take to get us on two wheels. Some of us begin at a young age, others get into bikes later, but it’s the shared passion for motorcycles that unites us all.

Gabriel, a rider from Mallorca, started riding when he was fourteen, but quit three years later. “Back then, I had a heavily modified Suzuki Street Magic 49 which I loved, but life got in the way and when I was seventeen, I left it behind. Ten years later, with a career in music and enough savings, I figured it was time to get back on two wheels. I chose a KTM 125 to start my motorcycle journey and learn the basics, hoping to upgrade to a more powerful machine later once I’ve mastered the ropes”, Gabriel told us.

For two months, he was enjoying his new KTM riding twisty mountain roads and getting back into the saddle. “However, I knew that I needed good gear to protect me in case of a crash because the tarmac can burn your skin badly. When I was seventeen, I’d crashed and slid on the pavement twice, and I still bear the scars on my legs. So this time, after trying out several different options, I chose Karl Desert Jeans from PANDO MOTO because they looked amazing and felt really sturdy”, Gabriel explained.

Unfortunately, soon after, the worst happened. Gabriel was heading to a meeting on his bike, and as he was riding a roundabout, a car entered without looking or braking. “The driver of the car did not see me at all. It was an eighty-year old man with poor sight, and he crashed straight into my right leg sending me flying. I think I flew five or six meters before hitting the ground, which resulted in an open tibia and peroneal break as well as a crushed foot. Luckily, the Karl Desert Jeans did not tear or burst, so I avoided getting an infection because the open wounds never touched the tarmac. When the ambulance came, the paramedics had to cut the jeans off to clean and bandage the leg and take me to a hospital quickly for immediate surgery”, Gabriel said.

Although it took him nine long months to heal and recover, Gabriel’s bike is now fully repaired, and he is enjoying motorcycling once again. “It just goes to show that sometimes, even if you take all the necessary precautions, ride safely, and are fully aware of all the dangers on the road, all it takes is an elderly man with impaired vision to cause a crash and some broken bones. Never let anything stop you from riding, though”.