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Crash Tested: Dyneema® Clothes Test vs. Truck

January 05, 2021

As motorcycle riders, we know that no matter how expertly we ride and how well we handle the bike, we cannot control the traffic and the other drivers around us. We also know we’ve got to stay alert and ride defensively, and most of the time, that’s what gets us home safely – but every once in a while, you may just hit some bad luck, and the situation may be out of your control. That’s why we’re so obsessed with rider safety and quality protection: you can’t plan for every eventuality out there on the road, but you can ride prepared and stay safe.

Daniel, a proud owner of our Steel Black 9 jeans, had an accident while riding his bike. So we got the clothes test. Steel Black 9 is created with maximum protection in mind: CE-approved with AA level of protection, these jeans are made of 25% Dyneema® – one of the most durable, abrasion, and tear-resistant fabrics out there. It’s fifteen times stronger than steel, yet the fit and comfort are unparalleled: Steel Black 9 has the look and feel of stretchy denim but keeps you safe even if you find yourself sliding down the tarmac. But don’t take it from us: here’s Daniel’s account of how well the jeans worked for him when he had a crash.

Oncoming Truck vs Pando Moto Clothes Test

Daniel was riding along minding his lane when a truck unexpectedly pulled out in front of him. “I had to make a choice between the truck and the pavement, and I chose the latter”, Daniel told us. Unfortunately, as Daniel tried to veer clear of the oncoming truck, his road tires slipped on wet leaves covering the road, and the bike went down. Daniel was traveling at around 30 kilometers an hour as he hit the pavement. “I slid on the tarmac for some three or five meters”, Daniel recalled the chilling accident.

However, while his bike was damaged and left with some scratches and dents on the footpegs, the sissy bar, the exhaust, and the tank, and the handlebars were bent slightly, Daniel walked away unscathed. He was wearing Pando Moto Steel Black 9 jeans, and the pants kept him uninjured. “The Steel Black 9 kept my lower body-safe, and I’m extremely happy with the performance and the design of the pants!”, Daniel said.