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4 Season Motorcycle Accessories: The Right Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter Motorcycle Gear

February 28, 2021

Comfort when riding can really make a difference between a great trip and one you wish you never took! High-quality riding gear is a good start, and you should get just the right fit to make sure you are comfortable on the saddle. Avoid picking something too tight, as you still need to layer underneath and have good mobility. Similarly, don’t wear oversized apparel as the armor needs to be just in the right place to be effective in case of a crash. The great thing about riding is that it’s one of the few sports you can do outdoors in all seasons of the year. So let’s take a look at a few items that will make your life easier throughout the weather changes. No matter how hot or cold it is, remember to always wear all your essential protective apparel! The items below are some additional ideas tailored to the different weather conditions of each season. They are not meant to replace the standard riding outfits you should always be putting on. 

Spring Motorcycle Accessories

Spring has to be one of our favorite seasons to ride! After a cold and dark winter, we see big groups of motorcyclists keen to get out and start enjoying the weather again. The temperature is usually mild, which makes this season ideal for long rides and road trips. 

If you are on the road for a very long time, it can quickly get hotter than you expected, so it is a good idea to invest in a vented helmet. The cool airflow will keep your oxygenation level high, particularly important if you are riding for several hours straight. It will prevent you from overheating and getting headaches later in the day. Because of the openings on the helmet, there will be more noise coming through compared to what you are used to, particularly if you are on a busy road or a highway. This might feel weird at the beginning but don’t worry. You will get used to it after a few rides. 

T-shirts are your best friend in spring. Pick one which is made of 100% high-quality cotton for optimal comfort. Take a look at our shop to find a selection of t-shirts with unique designs. We have just added new lines to our collection. No matter how cool your t-shirt is, don’t forget to wear your protective gear when you are actually on the road – you can show off once you get off the saddle.

Summer Motorcycle Gear

Summertime takes riders of all levels out on the road to enjoy the sunshine and long days. But don’t forget that the heat can reach uncomfortable levels, and heavy rain can take us from dry heat to extreme humidity very quickly. The keyword is ventilation to withstand high heat and the humid/dry shift typical of the summer months. Your body will sweat significantly more than usual. Other than the obvious recommendations of staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen, you should take care of your skin by letting it breathe through the clothes. 

Pando Moto Jeans

Start off by wearing a vest underneath your gear. It’s a simple piece of clothing that will absorb heat and sweat to keep your body temperature optimal. It also offers good protection to your riding apparel in case you find yourself sweating too much. 

A biker rides in the sand

We don’t think much of our hands when it comes to choosing motorcycle accessories, but sweaty hands can make a ride very uncomfortable and even dangerous if the excessive sweat affects your grip. Consider getting lightweight, breathable gloves, they will keep your hands dry, and you’ll feel more comfortable and secure. You can also choose a fingerless option that looks super cool and allows you to maintain a steady grip even if your palms eventually start getting sweaty.

Autumn Motorcycle Clothes

Autumn is the perfect time when the “classic” motorcycle accessories come out of the closet: jeans and leather jackets will be like a second skin to you in this season; this is the time when you start needing more protection from the cold and wind but still want to enjoy breathability throughout your body. 

Our jackets are made from 12oz super-stretch CORDURA® denim combined with COOLMAX® technology, combining thermal insulation with maximum comfort. Match them with one of our specially designed motorcycle jeans – we have a large selection of materials and styles in our store to suit every taste. You can refine your style with additional accessories, like a trucker hat and a leather belt – plain and simple, bold or flashy if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Winter Motorcycle Accessories

As we said before, riding is one of the few sports you can practice in every season, so don’t let the cold weather, rain, or snow put you off your motorcycle! All you need to do is dress appropriately, and of course, take the necessary safety precautions if there are adverse conditions on the road. During the colder months, you want to wear warm clothes that are not too bulky – remember, you still need to wear your protective gear on top and move comfortably. 

Thermal shirts and trousers are a simple addition that will keep you warm during the day without adding bulkiness to your outfit. They won’t be expensive, so get a few of them and use them when you are not riding.