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Best Motorcycle Shoes to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle?

April 05, 2021

A true rider’s outfit is not complete without a cool pair of leather footwear. These are a staple item for true motorcycle enthusiasts, which has easily become part of our casual outfits. When we think about riding safely, helmets and armored jackets are the first things that usually come to mind. However, a good pair of boots will give your feet comfort and good mobility, plus the right amount of protection to your joints in the unlikely event of a crash. That’s why we want to help you to choose the best motorcycle shoes!

STYLMARTIN JACK NERO – Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Boots are undoubtedly the classic type of footwear loved by most motorcyclists, but some of us are not so keen on them. Be it a fashion choice or the fact that some people cannot get used to the feeling of wearing riding boots; we still see a lot of riders wearing casual or sports footwear. As we said before, proper protective apparel is just as important when it comes to your feet. Riding is a passion and a sport; you wouldn’t play football or rugby wearing the wrong shoes, would you? Luckily, in the last few years, protective apparel has evolved to include different types of footwear, which offer greater fashion choice without compromising on the much-needed safety level in the event of a crash. The market for motorcycle shoes has grown to incorporate more modern and comfortable styles; at the same time, protective sneakers have entered the market, providing a safe alternative to those preferring a more casual everyday look. Let’s take a look at both footwear options and their respective characteristics … Keep in mind you really should not be wearing any other type of shoes when you are riding your bike.

Can’t stop wearing your Converse? Choose the best protective sneakers for your ride

Since their introduction, riding sneakers have quickly become super popular amongst riders of all ages. It might be because of their increased versatility and modern look, or simply because we all like to have more variety, both on and off the saddle. Protective sneakers offer comfort and increased adaptability when it comes to matching them with different clothing styles. The material and shape guarantee mobility to your feet and ankles, which benefit from a higher range of movement so you can easily stretch out after a long time on the road.

Sneakers are often perceived as more relaxed and informal than boots; they are ideal if you use your bike to commute to work, meet friends, or run some errands. They are less of a biker statement, although it all depends on what you match them with! Sneakers are also a better option if you know you are going to walk a lot in them. As comfortable as best motorcycle shoes can be, sneakers will always be more stretchy and adaptable. However, keep in mind that increased comfort comes at a cost: because of the shape and more freedom offered by this type of shoe, you have less reinforcement and, therefore, slightly lower protection than you would have with riding boots. The lighter material of sneakers also provides less impact resistance in case of a crash.

All about the best motorcycle shoes

If you want to get the maximum level of safety from your footwear, boots will always be your best option. Their ability to withstand impact is undoubtedly higher; they effectively shield your ankles and offer some shin protection too. They are heavier and usually feel stiffer, particularly if they are brand new; it might take a little while for new riders to adjust to wearing boots, but the same could actually be said for most types of protective apparel. The more you ride, the more you’ll be wearing them, the quicker your body will adjust to the feeling and sensation of reinforced footwear. It is true that if you are planning to go for a long walk after your ride, your feet might get a bit tired, but boots are perfectly fine for any other everyday activity you might be doing. Riding boots are not just great for the colder months. They are the safest footwear you can wear in spring and summer. When the weather gets too hot, choose cotton socks to put underneath your boots so you allow your feet to breathe and stay dry. 

Stylmartin footwear collection

Here at Pando Moto, we believe in integrating safety and style in every piece of apparel that we create. We are proud to bring you a collection of Stylmartin footwear designed to look good and feel comfortable even after a whole day on the road. All items you see in our shop are made from durable and waterproof materials, and they are also designed to last for several years with no compromise to comfort or safety.

Stylmartin sneakers are a minimalist yet bold choice for those riders looking for something different. The brand has created something that everyone can wear every day without compromising the high level of protection they guarantee on their entire apparel line. All the sneakers are made of full-grain leather and include key safety features such as PU internal inserts. The lining is waterproof and breathable, perfect in all seasons of the year. The footbed is anatomic, changeable, and breathable for maximum comfort and durability.

A couple wearing protective motorcycle boots

Bold, stylish, and versatile, Stylmartin boots have been created to be used both on and off the bike. We believe that looks and functionality can work together to give you the best motorcycle shoes that you will want to use day in day out – a linear yet fashionable type of footwear that is solid and enjoyable to wear. Similar to sneakers, Stylmartin’s boots are full-grain leather and feature a changeable, anatomic footbed on all models. All the boots have PU internal protections for both sides of the ankles. They feature superior padding and anti-slip soles. Whatever style you decide to go for, always choose CE-certified boots and never compromise on safety. Enjoy your ride!

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