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Top Motogear Buying Tips

January 11, 2022
Choosing the right motogear

Many people like wearing motogear without even owning a motorcycle as it looks cool. Riding gear has been attached to bikers and tough looks throughout history. Think about the classic true men motorcycle jacket – which today is still an iconic style piece for anyone who wears it.

We all know that motorcycle riding gear adds a great deal to the motorcycle riding experience. When buying motorcycle gear you need to ensure that your gear keeps you safe and that that it’s comfortable. Riding in the cold, hot weather or heavy rain can be distracting and will keep the focus of the road. The right gear is going to help you a lot.

These motorcycle gear buying tips will help you to choose the best gear for your riding lifestyle. Let’s dive in!

Motogear Buying Essentials

  • HELMET:   It is the essential piece for every rider. And when choosing one, make sure it meets at least the minimum safety standards. Read our full motorcycle helmet guide!
  • RIDING JACKET:  Your motorcycle jacket should be built with armor on elbows, shoulders, and back (internal back protector).
  • RIDING JEANS: It is esential that your motorcycle jeans are built from sturdy material and lined with something trustworthy like Kevlar. They should also seemlessly include armor in the knees and hip area and still feel comfortable and flexible.
  • MOTORCYCLE BOOTS:  The best option is for the riding boots to cover the ankles for better protection and have a grippy sole. If you want an ultimate comfort – consider buying waterproof riding boots.
  • RIDING GLOVES: Gloves are super important and leather is your best choice. Gloves designed for motorcycling have many needed features such as reinforcements on the palm, fingertips, knuckles, and other vulnerable areas. Your riding gloves need to cover and extend beyond your wrist bone. If not fully leather be sure at a very minimum the palms are made from leather. Gloves should have no open areas exposing skin and be flexible enough for good use of levers/controls.

Which to choose textile or Leather Gear?

motorcycle jeans for women

Leather Motogear

Leather motogear had always been the classic – and still is today the best-established material for motorbike riding. It’s tough and performs like a reinforced second skin. It provides excellent protection against blows and scrapes plus the longevity of high-quality leather is worth every penny.

Leather gear is awesome but there are still drawbacks, though. It isn’t always waterproof and will remain wet when exposed to water. Leather though breathable tends to be too hot in summer and not warm enough in winter so when wearing leather you should never forget to include all of those layers.

Textile Gear

Today’s textile garments are waterproof, breathable, reinforced with Kevlar, or use comparable fibers to leather for ultimate protection. So they have improved immensely throughout the years. It’s common that textile jackets and pants come with removable linings, as well as inside pouches for adding or removing armor.

Show Off Your Personal Style

You’ve always got to be you! Your personal style and color preference should be of course incorporated into your gear choices, but firstly it’s the type of riding you’ll be doing which will be the lead to the type of gear you’ll purchase.

express yourself with motogear

Don’t Forget The Armor

Armour is truly an important component of proper gear. It will add extra protection to the knees, elbows, hips, and back. Garments with armor added should have and wear the CE-approved stamp. And yes, you should pull them out and carefully check them. Also, for the ultimate protection, you can purchase upper armor vests that can be worn underneath or over your jacket.

The bottom line: Buying Motogear – Cost & Your Budget

Buying your complete motorcycle outfit can seem expensive, but good motorcycle gear is durable and will last for years. Consider it an investment in your riding safety and pleasure and your motorcycle clothing has many demands to satisfy. It’s to keep you comfortable in different environments but also needs to keep you safe. You need it to keep you warm and dry, but cool and ventilated in the warmer seasons. Even more important, it should protect you if you come off your motorcycle or scooter. And finally, you want it to fit well, not be too big and gather air – and look stylish too!

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