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Pando Moto 2020 Collection Review By Sideburn

April 17, 2020
Pando Moto 2020 Collection Review By Sideburn

Sideburn’s newest advertiser is European moto clothing manufacturer, Pando Moto. Established in 2011, they say, ‘Pando Moto develops high-performance motorcycle gear for men and women. The company prides itself on delivering safety and style through ergonomic, good-looking, pre-shaped clothing items.’

The clothing is for people who want the look of casual clothing, but with far more substantial protection. Sounds like me!

Their 2020 range includes high-performance motorcycle jeans and jackets, thermal base layers, accessories, and ‘next-generation’ motorcycle armour. They are also debuting jeans with Cordura mesh panels to offer even more airflow during hot weather months.

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