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Pando Moto Single Layer Motorcycle Jeans ROBBY ARM 01 Review By Return Of The Cafe Racers

May 05, 2021

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I reviewed the Karl Devil motorcycle jeans from Pando Moto. At that time I wasn’t familiar with the company and wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out I was really impressed with those jeans which frankly didn’t really look like jeans.

The entirety of the outer shell of the Robby Arm Single Layer Motorcycle Jeans is made from a 13oz variant of the Armalith® denim which, as mentioned previously, is a UHMWP fiber wrapped by a cotton outer layer. In the hand, the denim feels no different to me than regular cotton denim.

The Robby Arm single layer motorcycle jeans appear to be the real deal. A pair of protective riding jeans that offer real abrasion resistance and provision for impact protection. At the same time they are comfortable enough to wear everyday whether you’re riding or not.

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