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Pando Moto Kusari Kev 02 Women’s Motorcycle Jeans Review By RideApart

European gear maker Pando Moto offers both men’s and women’s moto jeans made with your choice of Kevlar or Dyneema as your protective material of choice. Which should you choose? Well, that depends. I’ll add here that I thankfully haven’t crashed in either type of Pando’s moto jeans yet, but I can definitely tell you about how both kinds feel to wear on a bike. 

The Pando Moto Kusari Kev 02 women’s motorcycle jeans are a slim-fit cut with a mid-rise waist. Materials used to make them include nine-ounce heavy-duty power-stretch waxed denim, as well as DuPont Kevlar lining reinforcement “in high-risk abrasion and impact zones,” according to Pando’s website.

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