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MO Tested: Pando Moto’s Mens Black Motorcycle Jeans Review

February 17, 2020
Pando Moto Steel Black Jeans in front

As mentioned by writer Ryan Adams: “[Steel Black 9] My own holy grail of moto jeans”

Ever since protective moto-specific jeans hit the market, I’ve been searching to find some that I liked. It’s been a challenge. I’m 5’8” with a 30-inch inseam and pretty muscular thighs – the watermelon-crushing kind. For a long time, it was the fit that bothered me. Euro jeans were too skinny, others were too baggy. Furthermore, jeans built with aramid fiber offer zero stretch to help with fit. Even now that there’s a plethora of jeans on offer from many different brands, I’ve yet to find any that I, personally, am 100% stoked about, be it fit, color, style, etc. At long last, the Pando Moto Steel Black jeans have been like finding the needle in the haystack for me.

Dyneema Denim Jeans explanation

Part of the protection in the Pando Moto’s mens black motorcycle jeans come from a single layer of 13-ounce denim that’s made up of 55% Dyneema. To create a single layer pant, the denim and dyneema are interwoven which means no double or triple lined areas of the pant. The use of Dyneema is what interested me most about the Steel Black jeans.

Other nice touches come by way of Pando Moto’s bespoke buttons and rivets, a sewn-on key ring, large belt loops, and minimal stitching on the outside of the jean to suggest there’s armor under there. 

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