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5 Rules of What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

01 March, 2021

A motorcycle accident can be one of the most terrifying experiences and one that we never want to think about.… Read more

4 Season Motorcycle Accessories: The Right Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter Motorcycle Gear

28 February, 2021

Comfort when riding can really make a difference between a great trip and one you wish you never took! High-quality… Read more

Why Is It Important To Wear Protective Motorcycle Apparel On Your Daily Ride?

23 February, 2021

The importance of safety when it comes to riding your bike is something that we often take for granted. That's… Read more

Crash Tested: Dyneema® Clothes Test vs. Truck

05 January, 2021

As motorcycle riders, we know that no matter how expertly we ride and how well we handle the bike, we… Read more

What to wear on a motorcycle 101

09 December, 2020

Congratulations on getting your motorcycle license! We bet you’re thrilled, and you probably can’t wait to get your own bike… Read more

Crash Tested: Kusari Kev jeans test Vs. Highway 1:0

16 November, 2020

As motorcycle riders, we know full well that accidents can – and do – happen even if we ride defensively… Read more

Crash Tested: Gabriel with Karl Desert Jeans

15 October, 2020

Every rider has a different story of how they got into motorcycling, and we all have our own unique paths… Read more

4h10 magazine

Test du Shell UH 01 à partir de 4h10

13 October, 2020

Oui vous êtes comme moi. Ou du moins on est des milliers. Mettre tous les jours le même cuir pour aller… Read more

Sideburn Magazine

Men Steel Black 0.2 and Women Kissaki Dyn Jeans Review by Sideburn Magazine

07 October, 2020

The two models of jeans are the Steel Black 0.2 for men and Kissaki Dyn for women, both in blacker… Read more

Return of the Cafe Racers

Return of the Cafe Racers: Steel Black 02 and Kissaki Dyn review

07 October, 2020

There’s always room for improvement. Pando Moto has embraced this belief with these 2 updated pairs of single layer motorcycle… Read more

Bike Brewers

Steel Black 9 & Lorica Kev 01 review by Bike Brewers

07 October, 2020

Having said that, the design, safety features, or wearability of the PANDO MOTO jeans are light years away from these… Read more

Bike crash

Crash Tested: STEEL BLACK 9 Jeans vs. Minivan

23 September, 2020

We all know those perfect days when the weather is just right, the road is calling, and we’re gearing up… Read more

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