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Bike Brewers

Steel Black 9 & Lorica Kev 01 review by Bike Brewers

07 October, 2020

Having said that, the design, safety features, or wearability of the PANDO MOTO jeans are light years away from these… Read more

Bike crash

Crash Tested: STEEL BLACK 9 Jeans vs. Minivan

23 September, 2020

We all know those perfect days when the weather is just right, the road is calling, and we’re gearing up… Read more

Motorcycle Gear For Women: Ladies' Guide To Buying Protective Clothing

10 September, 2020

Women riders make up the fastest-growing market segment in the motorcycle industry. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council data, 19%… Read more

The Stunter: Paulius Labanauskas

28 July, 2020

Paulius Labanauskas has had a passion for motorcycles since he was a child; he craved the power, the speed, that… Read more

Crash Tested: Karl Devil 9 Jeans

23 July, 2020

Shortly after starting to ride motorcycles, Risto started developing a real passion for them. He was getting used to long… Read more

The King of Motorcycle Apparel: What Is Kevlar?

16 July, 2020

Five times stronger than steel, heat-resistant, and surprisingly light: Kevlar has been the undisputed king of protective clothing for decades.… Read more

Finding the Perfect Motorcycle Jacket

01 June, 2020

A motorcycle jacket is one of the most important pieces of gear when you’re going out for a ride. Aside… Read more

Malamadre Motorcycles: Building Custom Bikes in Paradise

23 May, 2020

Looking from an outsider’s perspective, Bali seems like a far-flung destination that’s all about white sand beaches, surfing spots, and… Read more

Protective Motorcycle Gear: Fabrics Explained

12 May, 2020

Protective motorcycle gear is one of the most hotly debated topics among riders, and for a good reason. Leather vs.… Read more

Pando Moto baselayer for the back

Pando Moto Unisex Base Layers Review By Hiconsumption

07 May, 2020

Without the benefit of seatbelts, airbags, and protective cages with crumple zones, motorcycle gear has to protect its wearer from the slides… Read more

Pando Moto Skin UH 01 Armored Motorcycle Leggings Review By Urban Rider

Pando Moto Skin UH 01 Armored Motorcycle Leggings Review By Urban Rider

07 May, 2020

"There are more and more options out there for anyone who's after a decent looking motorcycle jean, but that still… Read more

Pando Moto Mark Kev 01 Review By RideApart

Pando Moto Mark Kev 01 Review By RideApart

29 April, 2020

A harmony of form and function. In the motorcycling world, we tend to see form and function as a dichotomy,… Read more

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