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Wear & Tear. Pando Moto’s ‘Karl Indigo’ Jeans – Pipe Burn

May 17, 2017
Wear & Tear. Pando Moto’s ‘Karl Indigo’ Jeans – Pipe Burn

Written by Sam Bendall.

My Pando Moto Karl Indigo jeans smell like the inside of a garbage can at this point. That’s because I’ve been wearing them for almost 4 months straight and they’ve never been washed. I wear them to the market, I wear them on the couch, I wear them in the car, I wear them at the cafe and, well, wear them everywhere. Especially on my motorcycle. My fiancé gets especially annoyed when I wear them at home because she cannot believe they are just as comfortable as my super-hero lounge sweats. Maybe they also don’t smell as bad I led you to believe because she has not said anything either.


Photos by Dylan Patrick and Errol Colandro

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