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Top Tips for Riding Motorcycle in Winter

Winter is always a bit of a pain for riders. Motorcyclists are severely aware and affected by all the seasons. Riding a motorcycle in winter means that you can experience firsthand every single blow of chilly wind, as you are in the weather, so it affects us a lot more than any other commuter. But … Continued

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Cordura Technology And Its Appliance In Protective Clothing

In recent years, Cordura has become the undisputable material of choice for manufactures of protective clothing. This fabric has been popular for a long time, which has allowed it to be tested under the most extreme conditions. And its performance has been highly impressive. This is why nowadays, it is a no-brainer for motorcycle gear … Continued

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Ultimate beginner’s guide: Long-distance motorcycle riding

Are you planning to go on a long-distance motorcycle riding trip? Kudos to you: doing high miles on a motorcycle and exploring new places is a bucket list dream for any rider. Whether you’re planning a cross-country ride or a transcontinental adventure, riding long distances on a motorcycle is no small feat. You’ll be covering … Continued

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Being a leading motorcycle apparel brand focused on safety, style, and function, we are revealing our new line of gear and a new logo today. Celebrating years of success designing motorcycle jeans, jackets, and other riding apparel with the highest safety standards and unique aesthetics. PANDO MOTO is moving forward with a new look – … Continued

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Style Or Safety? Choosing Motorcycle Gear That Works

Here’s the thing about motorcycle gear that works: we will never tire of saying, ATGATT. The acronym stands for “All The Gear, All The Time,” and here at Pando Moto, we’re big fans of this policy – as are most motorcycle riders out there. It isn’t because we love wearing chunky CE-certified D30 armor all … Continued

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What is Dyneema®: The Fabric Explained

Have you ever wondered how motorcycle jeans can feel so soft and comfortable yet be highly protective and abrasion-resistant in case of a crash? Motorcycle apparel manufacturers use several different fabrics and combinations of fabrics to achieve this. Still, one of the most versatile materials in motorcycle gear is Dyneema®. Most of the time, it’s … Continued

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Motorcycle Gear with Coolmax®: Technology Explained

What in the world is Coolmax, and why should you care? One of those fabrics is Coolmax, a type of synthetic polyester fabric designed for high moisture-wicking properties and breathability. Why does that matter to you as a rider? COOLMAX TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED: ➤ LIGHTWEIGHT AND SOFT➤ HIGHLY BREATHABLE➤ MOISTURE WICKING➤ DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE Coolmax … Continued

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