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RS a testé | le pantalon Kevlar® Boss Black 9 Pando Moto

Il est vrai que l’offre, en matière d’équipement moto homme, est assez large et variée aujourd’hui, mais allier sécurité et style, n’est pas toujours évident ! C’est pourquoi je tenais à vous parler de la marque Pando Moto qui a su trouver ce compromis dans la confection de leur gamme de vêtements moto. J’ai pu tester et … Continued

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Take Your Business Meeting To The Next Level

When Form And Function Come Together Seamlessly, Style Is Effortless Let’s Talk About Business Meetings Business meetings are happening without any location restrictions. We want to have a remote meeting with YOU and share some insights on how to ride to a business meeting safely, comfortably and in style. Here are a few key-points on … Continued

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Low.B a testé | le pantalon Kevlar® Kusari Pando Moto

C’est souvent difficile, pour nous les femmes, de trouver des équipements de moto alliant sécurité, confort et style. J’ai eu récemment le plaisir d’essayer le pantalon Kusari en Kevlar® de la marque Pando Moto, et j’ai été très agréablement surprise ! Je vous explique tout … La sécurité avant tout. Parce qu’un beau pantalon de moto c’est bien, … Continued

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Rosie Navy Plain Motorcycle Jeans Cafe Racers Review

More and more riding gear manufacturers are catering to women these days, giving those who ride far better options than they once had. They’re no longer stuck wearing non-riding gear, or worse, dealing with ill-fitting men’s gear.  Case in point? The Rosie Navy women’s motorcycle jeans from European riding gear brand, Pando Moto. They’re cut … Continued

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Why CE Approved Gear Is A Must For Every Rider?

A lot of us have experienced this scenario when you step into a motorcycle clothing shop looking for a perfect outfit that would make you look even cooler than you already do, and should be comfortable when you are riding your bike, as well to be sure that your outfit should also protect your body. … Continued

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When Quality And Comfort Perfectly Fit Together

Stylmartin And Pando Moto Collaboration During our trip to Thailand, we met Jerome Tan – a guy who doesn’t like the rules: he quit university about 7 years ago and had no money and no connections. He never had a job in his life and now he is a successful owner of 5 different businesses … Continued

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Pando Moto Steel Black 9 Jeans Cafe Racers Review

Call me a hipster, but if there’s one thing I like more than my blue Levi’s it’s my black ones. I’ve been searching for a good looking pair of black motorcycle jeans for quite some time with little success. Maybe I’m too fussy, but these days you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or style when … Continued

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Stylmartin And Pando Moto Collaboration

Confront Fear. Experience Freedom The trip to Thailand was long, but the destination made the journey worth every second. We’re talking 20 full days of raw adventure, igniting feelings you’ve never felt before. I found a profound sense of relief, after years of chasing success. It’s so important to change your surroundings every now and … Continued

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