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7 Best Motorcycling Destinations in Europe

December 06, 2022

Planning a motorcycle trip in Europe? We hope you’re going to have a fantastic trip: the Old Continent boasts some of the best motorcycling routes in the world. Whether you prefer silky-smooth tarmac and mountain twisties or off-road trails, Europe has no shortage of amazing places to explore on two wheels. So much so, in fact, that it can be hard to choose where to go – or which bike routes will be the best fit for you.

To help you out, we’re sharing the 7 best motorcycling destinations in Europe:

  1. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

One of the most spectacular motorcycling routes in Europe, the Atlantic Ocean Road is a bucket list destination for road riders looking for stunning scenery and generous curves. If you own a touring, sport touring, or street motorcycle and love long days in the saddle, Norway is the place to be: in addition to the iconic Atlantic Ocean Road, there’s plenty to explore up North including the famous Trollstigen Pass and the picture-perfect Geiranger Fjord or the Lofoten islands. If you’re up for an Arctic adventure, set Nord Kapp as your goal: it’s the northernmost point of Europe you can reach on a motorcycle, and the roads to Nordkapp are truly out of this world.

When to go: Norway isn’t exactly a warm country, so aim to ride here in July-August for the best weather. Even during the summer months, it’s best to layer up – above the Arctic Circle, the temperatures remain low even in August. We recommend adding a warm jacket and a good base layer to your gear kit if Norway is on your list of places to ride. 

  1. Douro Valley, Portugal

Want to ride somewhere mountainous, sunny, and get off the tarmac every once in a while? Portugal’s Douro Valley region might be your best bet. Jaw-dropping River Douro views, terraced vineyards, and meandering backcountry roads make Norther Portugal a motorcycling paradise, and since off-road riding is still legal in Portugal, it’s perfect for both road, adventure, dual sport, and dirt riders. Some of the best Douro Valley routes are located in the Porto-Amarante area, and if you’re looking of off-road trails, check out the TET Portugal page for suggestions.

When to go: generally, Portugal is a year-round motorcycling destination, although the Douro Valley region does see cooler temperatures and rain between November and March. The best time to ride here is April through to mid-October, and if you’re planning to explore Portugal during the summer months, you’ll only need a pair of motorcycle jeans and an armored shirt to stay protected – and feel comfortable.

  1. Adriatic Coast, Croatia

When it comes to the best motorcycling destinations in Europe, Croatia’s Adriatic Coast has few rivals. The Adriatic Coast Road hugs the shoreline in endless sweeping curves, tight corners, and adrenaline-inducing bends revealing breath-taking views of the Adriatic Sea and the dramatic coastline of cliffs and mountains plunging into the water. If you have the time, add the Island of Krk to your itinerary for fjord-like views and mountain twisties, and if you feel like adding some gravel roads, head inland toward the Dinaric Alps and the Velebit Mountain Range.

When to go: the Adriatic Coast Road high season is May through to the end of August, but if you want to avoid the tourist crowds, plan your ride in September when the weather is still mild and pleasant, and the tourist traffic has subsided. If you’re not sure about riding gear for Croatia, go with motorcycle jeans and a jacket for the best protection and comfort in sunny weather.

  1. Stelvio Pass, Italy

Hands-down the most iconic motorcycling destination in Europe, the Stelvio Pass is an absolute must. A stunning mountain road zigzagging upward in adrenaline-inducing hairpins, Stelvio is nothing short of a motorcycle riders’ Mecca. Combine this with the Swiss Alps or the Italian Dolomites for a longer journey or do it as a standalone trip: Stelvio is worth the ride. You’ll see plenty of other motorcyclists on the pass, and there’s a biker restaurant and café on the top – perfect for those bucket-list photos and a chat with other riders!

When to go: Stelvio Pass is a summer destination, so aim to ride here in July-August. It gets a little busy during the high season, but meeting other riders on the pass is part of the fun! It’s a place to see and be seen, so kit yourself out with some bike jeans and a shirt to stay safe – and stay cool.

  1. Transfagarasan, Romania

Transylvania is one of Europe’s most magical places to ride: wild and rugged yet offering incredible twisties and scenic views, especially on the Transfagarasan – Romania’s most beloved mountain road. It’s like Transfagarasan was built with motorcyclists in mind: mile after mile, you’ll be leaning into racetrack-like curves and sweeping bends, all while enjoying the stunning views of the Carpathian Mountains.

When to go: Transfagarasan is open from May till September, but the best time to ride here is June through to August. If you want to avoid the busier times, start your ride earlier in the morning and enjoy those bends to the fullest! Even though summertime is warm in Transylvania, the higher altitude on the top of Transfagarasan means cooler temperatures, so don’t forget to layer up.

  1. Andalusia, Spain

A year- round motorcycling destination that has it all: desert, mountains, and coast, Andalusia is a fantastic place to ride both on and off the road. For road riders, the route to Ronda is a must – more bends per mile that you can ever ask for, a vibrant local motorcycling community, and biker-friendly café stops are what make this road truly stand out. For off-road riders, the Tabernas (also known as Gorafe) Desert is heaven – similar to the desert scenery of Utah and Arizona, the Tabernas Desert boasts countless trails, dry riverbeds, and wide-open gravel roads ideal for dirt and adventure riders.

When to go: whenever you feel like it! During the winter months, the weather in Andalusia is a little cooler, so warm layers will help. From April to September, it’s hot and sunny, so gear up light and explore.

  1. Sardinia, Italy

One of the less-known motorcycling destinations in Europe, Sardinia is a true hidden gem. An island of pirates and rally races, Sardinia offers amazing coastal roads, great food, and plenty of off-road trails for dirt riders. Whether you love tarmac, dirt, or a bit of both, Sardinia is the place to be – and remember the island is large, so you can easily spend a week or two without doing the same roads twice!

When to go: Sardinia gets seriously hot between June and August, so your best bet is to ride here in April-May or September-October when it cools down a little but it’s still warm and sunny. The best gear for Sardinia is a pair of lightweight moto jeans and a shirt or jacket.

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