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Crash Tested: Careless Driver vs Pando Moto KarlDo Kev

October 26, 2022

Juozas Piekuras has been riding motorcycles since 2008. However, even fourteen years of riding experience can’t protect you from careless drivers – and in situations like that, you need to be able to trust your gear.

Juozas was riding his Ducati Monster 696 down a main road when a car turned in an intersection without indicating. 

“I had the green light, but the car coming opposite just turned right in front of me without indicating. I hit it at about 50km/h crashing into the passenger door, and the impact sent me flying over the car and landing on the other side”, Juozas shares. The accident left his bike written off, and Juozas had to be taken to the hospital with two broken wrists and multiple cuts and bruises.

“My Pando Moto jeans held, however. My shin caught on the bike as I hit the car and had to be stitched up; I wasn’t wearing motorcycle boots, so I had a badly injured toe, too. But the Pando jeans did their job – bruises from the collision aside, my skin was safe, and the knee armor soaked up the impact well. I’m sure my legs would have been in a much worse condition if I wasn’t wearing the Pando jeans”, Juozas says.

Right now, the rider is taking a little break from motorcycling. The accident made Juozas realize just how reckless car drivers can be, and how, no matter how much experience you have and how alert you are on the road, other vehicles and inattentive drivers are just plain dangerous.

“I’m considering of maybe getting an adventure bike at some point and doing some long-distance traveling, but for now, it’s time to take a little break and reevaluate what sort of riding I want to do. One thing is clear, though – always, always wear your gear, even if it’s hot and you think you might be OK without it. A good helmet, good pants and jacket, and good motorcycle boots are just absolutely crucial. I wasn’t wearing my bike boots that day because it was hot and I figured I’d be fine, and it nearly cost me a toe. If you’re thinking of not wearing your gear, best not to ride at all! For me, it’s all about finding good quality, comfortable motorcycle gear that fits well – then you never have to think twice about it”.

We hope Juozas gets back into that saddle again soon, and that ATGATT (all the gear, all the time) is a motto to stick by for all of you out there!

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